Zlatan Ibrahimovic will earn approximately 10% less during his year at Manchester United as a result of Brexit,

They usually steer clear of the world of football,but the salmon-pink paper has this week turned its attention to how Britain’s decision to leave the European Union will affect the Premier League and some of its top earners.
Their main subject of interest is Swedish superstar Ibrahimovic, who last week joined United on a year-long contract, with the option for a further 12 months.
The former PSG, Juventus and Barcelona striker reportedly agreed the move to Old Trafford at the end of last season, but with the deal not being officially confirmed until last week, the paper claims Ibra’s sterling-denominated pay packet was worth roughly 10% less against the dollar from the time the deal was agreed to when it was executed.
While it is hard to have too much sympathy for a man earning a reported £220,000 a week, the paper feels Brexit will impact on Premier League clubs’ hopes of signing certain players.


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