Worldwide Covid-19 cases rise to 12% in week; deaths up 1%


LONDON, England: Coronavirus infections worldwide increased 12 percent, with a 1 percent increase in deaths, largely due to the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant.

Eighteen months after the virus was discovered in China, the worldwide death toll has risen to 4,048,919 after 187,617,642 people have been reported infected, according to

In the past week, an increase in infections has been reported in every continent except South America, though Brazil, Colombia and Argentina struggle with large outbreaks.

This past week Indonesia reported the most deaths, with 1,007, followed by India with 895.

The United States is the world leader in total deaths at 607,155 and cases at 33,853,809. Brazil is second in fatalities with 533,546 and India third with 407,145. India is second in cases at 30,795,716, ahead of Brazil with 19,089,940.

Asia has reported 57,620,517 Covid cases, with total deaths standing at 821,098.

When measuring the administration of vaccinations, North America leads with 76 doses given out per 100 people, followed by Europe at 74, South America at 48, Asia at 46, Oceania at 25 and Africa at 4.

Worldwide, 3.39 billion shots have been administered, out of a population of 7.9 billion.

The United States reports at least one dose has been received by 55.5 percent of its population, while Brazil has inoculated 40.5 percent with one dose.

Britain, which inoculated the first person in the world in December, is among the most comprehensive in the world with 68.5 percent of its population having received at least one dose.


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