Vivid boss Steve Hirsch is willing to pay $25million for a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sex tape.

Steve, who released Kim and Ray J’s sex tape, said a video featuring the reality star and rapper – and any of Kim’s sisters – would be an instant hit .

Speaking to Radar Online , he said:

 “The deal to ultimately release the Kim K video was arguably the best deal made in the history of the adult industry. 

“If you take into consideration not only the sales but the immense publicity it has received, it truly stands above any other video.””The number increases every day and the interesting thing is that its sales are directly correlated to news events concerning Kim,” he added .”A Kim/Kanye tape would be worth $25 million, at bare minimum,”

He also said a tape featuring any of the Kardashian-Jenners would be huge, though how much he would pay depends on what they did.

“Instant bestsellers due to the huge interest in their lives. How much we would pay depends on what they would be willing to do in the movie and several other factors.



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