Vincent Ezeocha a 27-year old Nigerian arrested for online scam in the USA

A 27-year old Nigerian born Vincent Izuchukwu Ezeocha,  has been arrested for fraud involving more than $22,250 online from a victim in Acadiana, Louisiana, in the United States.

According to the judicial Attorney General Jeff Landry, Vincent Ezeocha was arrained on a one count of bank fraud, one count of act of felony theft, and one count of money laundering. The arrest  made possible as a result of investigative work done by the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation, Louisiana State Police and Homeland Security Investigations.  

More revelation was further made that he has been staying in the US illegally after his visitor’s visa expired. He initially stayed in Chicago before his arrest. His fraud Operating was out of Chicago, where Ezeocha allegedly contacted the victim while purporting to be a New Mexico merchant with whom the victim had previously done business.
Vincent Ezeocha allegedly arranged for another transaction and subsequently used Chicago bank accounts to route the illicit funds to himself. The New Mexico merchant had previously suffered a network intrusion that compromised the merchant’s email database.
“This case should be a reminder to businesses and consumers to take a few extra steps to keep their information safe online,” added attorney General Landry. “And this case is further proof of the need for comprehensive immigration reform.”
Media reports revealed on Monday, that the police stopped Ezeocha for speeding in Tangipahoa Parish and further determined the young abled Ezeocha was apparently wanted by the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation for act of felony charges in Lafayette Parish, at which time he was booked in Tangipahoa as a fugitive for LBI.


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