United States President, Donald Trump Rejects Impeachment Charges

United States President, Donald Trump, who has been accused of abuse of power has asked that the impeachment charge be dismissed.
It was revealed that Trump has on Monday rejected the Democratic-led House of Representatives’ impeachment charges, describing the allegations that he had abused his power and obstructed Congress as affronts to the U.S. Constitution that must be rejected.

“The Senate should speedily reject these deficient articles of impeachment and acquit the president,” an executive summary of the Republican president’s pre-trial brief said in Trump’s first comprehensive defence before the start of his Senate trial.

The executive summary asserted that the “House Democrats theory of ‘abuse of power’ is not an impeachable offence.”
Media reports reveals that President Trump was charged with abusing the powers of his office by asking Ukraine to investigate a Democratic political rival, Joe Biden, and obstructing a congressional inquiry into his conduct.
The executive summary further states that It rejects the obstruction of Congress charge as frivolous and dangerous, saying the president exercised his legal rights by resisting congressional demands for information.

It accused the House Democrats of conducting a rigged process and said they succeeded in proving that Trump had done nothing wrong.
Trump’s legal team says he was well within his constitutional authority to press Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in 2019 to investigate Biden and his son Hunter as part of what Trump says was an anti-corruption drive.
The Bidens deny any wrongdoing and Trump’s allegations have been widely debunked.


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