(Truth Or A Lie) ,,Our Country Boarders Has No End— Russian President Speaks

On November 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “Russian fringe closes no place.” When granting the prize of the Russian Geological Society one of the assignments, Vladimir Putin led a small scale exam in topography for five-year-old educated Timofei Tsoi and nine-year-old Miroslav Askirko. 

The young men got to be acclaimed for their unordinary learning of geology that stunned many individuals. The young men partook in a few Television programs, in which Timofei and Miroslav would name capitals and outskirts of “extraordinary” nations. 

Putin chose to by and by check the information of the young men. “Ouagadougou is the capital of which nation?” Putin asked five-year-old Timofei. “Burkina Faso,” he quickly replied. The President then said: “What was the past name of the nation?” The kid staggered and said “Upper…I can’t recall precisely.” “Upper Volta, well done!” Putin helped him. 

“I know all limits, shapes of nations and their capitals,” nine-year-old Miroslav told Putin. “Where does the outskirt of Russia end?” asked Putin. “The Russian fringe closes on the Bering Strait,” the kid answered. “Wrong, the Russian outskirt closes no place,” Putin said with a grin to the commendation of the gathering of people. “That was a joke,” he later included. 

Putin’s comments about Russian fringes will in all likelihood add more fuel to the fire of the counter Russian craziness. Prior, for instance, Clean broad Roman Polko, the previous leader of the military unit GROM and previous appointee leader of the National Security Agency reported the up and coming “Russian intrusion” in the Baltic States “soon.” 

“There are a lot of incitements, so it is conceivable that in the following couple of months, Russia will assault under the falsely developed affection,” Polko said, by distribution Interia. 

In the same way as other before him, the Clean broad trusts that Russia may assault the Baltic States “to ensure the interests of the Russian minority” in Lithuania or Estonia. 

“We blame the Unified States and NATO for twofold models in governmental issues. Stoltenberg – the NATO boss – says that the organization together is not going to take up arms with Russia. In the meantime, they execute orders from Washington about the military development, since one needs to demonstrate Russia’s forcefulness. Obviously, average folks in the West quickly imagine that a danger from Russia is genuine, in light of the fact that Russia expands its military potential. However, NATO needs to utilize citizens’ cash for this reason, so they dispatch another influx of hostile to Russian craziness in the media. This is the manner by which twofold principles work,” Specialist of Political Sciences, Teacher, Leader of the Branch of Political Science and Human science of the Russian Monetary College, Andrei Koshkin, told Pravda.Ru. 

As per boss editorial manager of Katehon Logical Center, Leonid Savin, the frenzy around the asserted “Russian animosity” is a result of the desire of safeguard endeavors to profit as could be expected under the circumstances. The military-mechanical complex of the West uses lobbyists in the media and governmental issues not to give the powers a chance to cut military spending. 

Vladimir Putin said amid the meeting with representatives of Avtodiesel Organization in Yaroslavl that Russia did not undermine anybody. “We are not undermining anybody, we are not going to debilitate anybody. Everybody realizes that we are the biggest nation on the planet, and we have to dependably guarantee the security of our own nation and individuals. Our armed force can do it, so we will create it encourage,” Putin said.


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