Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia will cost US $68 million+ Photograph

A mystery letter marked by the Saudi lord to Saudi finance ministry demonstrates Riyadh arrangements to spend through $68 million to welcome US President Donald Trump. 

On the eve of Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, a “critical and exceptionally secret” report sent by Saudi Arabia’s imperial court has been distributed on social networks about the cost of facilitating US president in Riyadh. 

As indicated by a spilled letter, the kingdom has designated 257 million rials (about $68 million) to the arrangements for facilitating US President Trump. 

The workplace of Saudi Lord, Salman receptacle Abdul Aziz Al Saud, has requested the nation’s finance ministry to set up the reason for inviting Trump and to support the proposed spending plan of imperial conventions worth 112,795,063 Saudi riyals for holding the Bedouin American summit. 

In the letter, it was additionally asked that the service ought to quickly concur and pay 20 million riyals proposed by Riyadh senator conventions advisory group, 99,210,000 riyals requested by the special welfare board leading group of the visit and 25 million rials requested by worldwide vital collusions office. 

A duplicate of the mystery letter and Lord Salman’s requests has likewise been sent to the bureau, the protection service, and the service of urban and town issues, gathering for welfare organization and the head of royal formalities

Donald Trump will leave Washington on May 19 to Saudi Arabia. This is his first foreign trip since he took office in the White House as US president. 

Educated sources recommend that US president’s primary goal is to sign contracts on arms deals to Saudi Arabia worth many billions and to arrange on battles against ISIS and Iran under the title of “battle against radical Islam?”


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