Top 10 Most Richest Cities In The USA 2020

1. Atherton, California

Atherton’s total average
household income: $450,696
The city of “Atherton” 
was created in the year1923. It is located just outside of San
Francisco, has a total population of 6,995 in 2011. The city is regarded as an
epic center for the top Silicon valley companies headquarters ( Facebook,
Google, Tesla  etc )
The city is also home to some wealthy US individuals  ; “Sheryl Sandberg” and Google CEO “Eric
The median home sale price is ranges from $6.7 million to
$7 million. Beautiful Mansions and elegant villas line in most of the city’s streets,
although some of the house are more modest than others.

2. Scarsdale, New

Scarsdale’s total average
household income: $417,335
The city boast of a total population of 18,000
resident and its about an hour drive just outside New York City.
The average home rent in this city is $1.8
million with an
annual household income increase of about $30,000, and much of that comes from
wealthy individuals who work in the legal, medical, business, technology and
financial sectors of the economy. Due to its low population, the city is most
quiet and empty , with an
appealing, pastoral feel despite the comfortable nature
of the city.
3. Cherry Hills
Village, Colorado

Cherry Hills Village’s
total average household income: $394,259
Cherry Hills was created in the year 1945. It is located
just south of Denver.
Amongst its most popular vacation spots include the  John Meade Park and stuffed muskrat named
Max, which is apparently the park’s mascot.
Some Years back, it
was revealed that Cherry Hills Village was home to cottages and weekend getaway
homes. But as the years goes by, larger mansions began to be constructed and many
estates begun to pop up among the hills and hiking trails. Most of the notable
Celebrities that resides there are: Denver
Broncos quarterback “Peyton Manning” resides in Cherry Hills Village.
4. Los Altos Hills,

Los Altos Hills total
average household income: $386,174
Los Altos Hills, California, located  just few meters away from San Francisco and
occupy a total space of about 9 square miles in size, according to reports from
the cities official website. The town was created in the year 1956, and
today it boast of  more than 8,000 legally
The city boast of  most of the world richest people like Russian
billionaire Yuri Milner and Google co-founder Sergey Brin. 
Altos Hills
 is one of the top five cities in the U.S.
where more than half of the homes cost over $2 million.
5. Hillsborough, California

Hillsborough’s total
average household income: $373,128
Hillsborough, California – its just 15 miles outside
of San Francisco — was established in the year 1910 and has a fairly small
population of around 12,000 residents.
Some of its notable
residents in the city have backgrounds in various fields. Some are renowned
baseball players, others citizens are politicians, and others citizens have
background in video game development.
Hillsborough town is also home to the iconic Flintstone
House. Reports release by “
The New York Times”, revealed that the house’s owners were sued to court in
the month of March last by the town authority for an alleged unconventional
yard decorations, including dinosaur statues.
One of the most appealing features of the city is its many
hills and many lending credence to the town’s name. There are just few grocery
stores and few social amenities found in Hillsborough as most of the homes
owner occupy at least an acre.

6. Short Hills, New

Short Hills’ total average
household income: $367,491
New Jersey’s total average
household income: $76,475
With a population of 13,165 residents and still counting,
Short Hills was listed by many media outfit as one of the top 5 wealthiest
cities in the USA.
It is Located in Millburn Township, New Jersey. Short
Hills is also home to the famous Greenwood Gardens which host lots of renowned
American celebrities.
Notable celebrities like; Anne Hathaway and
John C. McGinley.
recently, the city came to media lime light again following a recently
convicted founder of the faux Fyre Festival and citizen of Short Hills, Billy
7. Highland Park, Texas

Highland Park’s total
average household income: $358,994
Accordingly to the town local website, Highland Park,
Texas was established in the year 1913.
It is located just outside of Dallas and occupy a land
space of about 2.26 square miles in size.
a small size but  boast of a total number
of 8,900 residents.
is also revealed that many celebrities’ lives in Highland park including the
likes of  
former Governor of
Texas “Bill Clements” lived in Highland Park too.
8. Darien,

Darien’s total average
household income: $341,090
Darien, Connecticut, is just about an hour drive away
from the main New York City by car and boast of  a total population of 20,732 in the year 2010,
according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Current recent reports from Encyclopaedia
Britannica, reveals that the area was first settled by colonial master in the
era of 1641.
The city boast of many
parks and recreational quarter and has currently undergone several
redevelopment projects to revive its bubbling activities in the area. The town
has a well-developed transportation system that convey the masses  to Manhattan.
9. Bronxville, New York

Bronxville’s total average
household income: $340,448
Bronxville, New York, just 15 miles away from
the north of New York City, has an approximately 6,200 resisdents and was
founded in the year 1898. Accordingly to the reports from the city
website, many of the
structures have a definite small-town alluring to them, and the area boast of
more than 70 acres space of parkland.
Glencoe, Illinois
Glencoe’s total average
household income: $339,883
Illinois’ total average
household income ranges between: $61,229
Regarded as a home of beautiful greenery
and beautiful lakes. Being one of the wealthiest city in Illinois.
Glencoe, Illinois, it has around  9,000 residents and it is strategically
located just 20 miles away to the north of Chicago, according to a recent
This city was also where Hollywood blockbuster movie  “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Sixteen
Candles” were filmed.


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