The US government reaffirm its readiness to contain coronavirus outbreak

The  President of the
United States of America, Donald Trump has declared  his country readiness for the outbreak of the
new coronavirus.
The president who assured its citizens and  to calm nerves after reports revealed that health
authorities got involved in dealing with 59 cases – mostly Americans
repatriated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship that was quarantined in
Japan, said everything is being done to control the virus.
Speaking in a live television broadcast, Donald Trump affirms
that the US was “very, very ready” to face the virus threat and that Vice
President “Mike Pence”  has been given
the power to be in charge of the national response.
In a related development, media reports revealed that no fewer
than 239 passengers who had arrived at Nairobi international airport on
Wednesday aboard a China Southern Airlines flight were subsequently cleared by
Kenyan health authorities amid rising fears over the spread of the virus.
Reports say all the
passengers were screened on board and allowed to enter the country moments
after the aircraft landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.
The ministry of health said the passengers were advised to
self-isolate for 14 days as a precaution against the possible spread of
coronavirus (COVID-19). This was the first time such a large number of
passengers have been told to self-isolate.

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