The Oscar for Best Picture Switched At Last Minute’ To ‘Avoid Race War’

The Oscar for Best Picture was switched at the last possible minute after a backstage argument among executives at the Dolby Theater was won by the pro-Moonlight faction, according to a backstage source.
Academy executives were debating right up until the final ad break, whether Moonlight or La La Land should win,” the source said, explaining that although La La Land won the vote of Academy members, “it is far from the first time the Academy overturned a vote for political reasons.

Everything was set up for La La Land to receive the Oscar, according to the source, including pre-prepared tweets and press releases. However the Academy executives, who had been under enormous political pressure all month, caved in at the last minute, fearful of repercussions if Moonlight was not handed the award.
Production staff had “two winning envelopes on standby.” Despite the fact La La Land had won the vote by the 6,200 voting members of the academy, “execs were keeping a close eye on the situation, reading the lay of the land.”
It was mayhem backstage leading up to the announcement, with production staff unsure who should be given what envelope. I’ve worked on the show before and this wasn’t normal.”
Half of them thought it was safe to give it to La La Land. Shortly before the final ad break, the La La Land envelope was tentatively given to an assistant to hand to Warren Beatty to read out during the final segment.
However, an Academy executive, still in disagreement with the decision, “overturned the decision and took away the envelope in a hurry, leaving the confused stage assistant to incorrectly hand a duplicate envelope for ‘Best Actress In A Leading Role’ to Warren.

At this point the official pre-prepared Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ tweets and press releases were released, and the La La Land crew took to the stage to accept the award.
As Academy executives, anxiously watching the world from their position backstage at the theater, learned of the change-of-mind by one executive and saw the furious Twitter reaction and confusion unfold on-stage, they decided they had made a grave error.
As soon as La La Land was announced, all hell broke loose behind the scenes. Twitter erupted in fury, and calls of a race war and sh*t like that were bandied about. It was at this point that producers were told that Warren had ‘made a mistake’ and an assistant was rushed out to deliver the Moonlight envelope in amongst the pandemonium on stage.
Audible gasps were heard in the Dolby Theatre when La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz declared the real winner was Moonlight, a coming-of-age drama revered by critics.

As the Moonlight crew slowly took to the stage amid widespread confusion, the Academy cover-up begin to crank into motion, with official explanations for the supposed “wrong envelope” being pushed on mainstream media for widespread dissemination.
The backstage insider’s revelations throw further light on liberal Hollywood’s desire to overturn democracy, ignore the will of the people, and incite civil unrest across America as part of their globalist plan.
Willing to ignore the vote of their academy members and hand out awards on the basis of an international agenda and political correctness, Hollywood elites have further alienated themselves from the people of America.


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