The British Govt. promises to reinforce exchange ties with Nigeria

Mr John Howell, the Unified Kingdom (UK) Exchange and Venture Emissary to Nigeria, has said that England will reinforce its exchange ties with Nigeria. 

Howell, who made this known at a “Ringer Ringing service” at the Nigerian Stock Trade (NSE), Lagos on Wednesday, said that English Government was prepared to put resources into Nigerian business sector. 

He said that Nigerian business sector had a considerable measure of undiscovered business potential, and focused on the requirement for more exchange coordinated effort between the two nations. 

The emissary included that the late Brexit vote in UK was a noteworthy open door for African nations to have more stakes in the UK economy. 

“It is additionally great open door for Nigerian organizations to get required in the UK market. 

”We need to take a gander at the expanded success in both sides as being one awesome thing that I will need to accomplish. 

“The principal thing UK government has done is to choose me as the exchange agent to Nigeria,” he said. 

The agent said that the choice of UK government demonstrated the significance it appended to Nigeria. 

Howell clarified that there was a committed office in the UK that aroused business relationship amongst UK and other exchange accomplices. 

He approached the administration to influence open doors in the capital business sector to develop the economy. 

On the issue of rebellion in Nigeria, Howell guaranteed that UK government would keep on collaborating with Nigeria in handling Boko Haram and unending activist assault in North-East and Niger Delta, individually. 

“What you will see is more prominent spotlight on the need to make the best of the open doors that exist here. 

”The help Nigeria is getting in battling debasement and frailty in the North I am certain will proceed with,” he said. (NAN)


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