The Best Blogging Conferences Still Coming in 2016:

Some of my greatest leaps forward in business have originated from going to meetings, meet-ups and simply organizing as a rule. I’ve been attempting to go to increasingly gatherings consistently and simply did some examination on what despite everything we have a chance to go to in 2016, so I chose to impart the rundown to you.

International Food Blogger Conference

When: July 29–31, 2016
Where: Sacramento, CA
Who for: Food bloggers
What: IFBC prides itself for having been the first ever conference held for food bloggers starting in 2009 that perfectly fuses three themes: food, writing, and technology. Along with the high-quality educational and networking opportunities, there will be lots of top quality food and wine.
Price: $195 -$495

Haven Conference

When: August 5-7, 2016
Where: Atlanta, GA
Who For: DIY and Decorating Professional Bloggers
What: Haven Conference focuses on bringing together DIY geniuses and decorating legends. This is the place to network with sponsors, influencers and like-minded bloggers, try new products, learn new skills, and celebrate the DIY spirit.
Price: $329-$750

Wine Bloggers Conference

When: August 11-14, 2016
Where: Lodi, CA
Who For: Wine Bloggers
What: Wine Bloggers ninth annual conference is a place for wine bloggers, industry bloggers, and other wine and social media professionals to meet, share, and learn from one another.
Price: $95-$395

Focused Blogging Conference

Focused blogging conference
When: August 18-20, 2016
Where: Richmond, VA
Who For: Beginner to Professional Bloggers
What: Focused is a three-day blogging conference designed to help you take your blogging to the next level. You will get to work alongside a blogging mentoring team and choose from four paths of learning (Branding, Marketing, Monetizing, and Technology) so that you can create the experience that best fits your blogging needs.
Price: $375 

Hello Live

Hello Live Blogging Conference
When: August 26-27, 2016
Where: Park City, UT
Who For: Beginner to Professional Bloggers
What: Hello Live is an interactive, live streamed conference aimed at helping you achieve meaningful, monetized engagement. For bloggers, influencers and small business owners, this is the perfect opportunity to become confident live streaming in front of the camera, connect with your fans and grow your business. If you can’t make it to the conference, it will be broadcasted LIVE on a Facebook private group and sessions will be available to watch up to two weeks after the conference.
Price: $95-$3000

ProBlogger Training Event

When: September 9-10, 2016
Where: Gold Coast, Australia
Who For: Beginner to Professional Bloggers
What: PBEVENT is Australia’s biggest and longest running blog conference, allowing you to connect with and learn from over 750 bloggers, podcasters, and digital content creators. Guest speakers will cover a diverse range of topics, approachable by bloggers of all levels, allowing you to maximize your experience. Can’t make it to Australia? PBEVENT offers virtual tickets that give you access to audio recordings and slide presentations of all keynotes and breakout sessions
Price: $448-$672

Go Blog Social

When: September 9-10, 2016
Where: Urbandale, IA
Who For: Beginner to Professional Bloggers
What: Go Blog Social is a one-day conference focused on blogging, PR, social media and entrepreneurship.
Price: $50-$100

Blended Conference

When: September 15-16, 2016
Where: Florence, AZ
Who For: Beginner to Professional Bloggers
What: Blended is a two-day retreat with intensive hands-on workshops, inspirational and educational general sessions, and networking events. This years speakers include bloggers such as Aubrey Cota fromReal Housemoms, Carly Anderson from Lipgloss & Crayons, Danielle Liss from Businessese, and much more.
Price: $250

Bloggy Conference

When: September 16–18, 2016
Where: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
Who for: Beginner to Intermediate Bloggers
What: Bloggy Conference is an extension of the Bloggy Moms Network, created so that you can learn how to grow in an ever-changing social media world. The goals of the Bloggy Conference include: providing real and useful information that will secure your social media longevity, providing you with tools to set goals and achieve your dreams, providing real resources for generating income online and much more.
Price: From $95

Confluence Conference

When: September 22–23, 2016
Where: Oklahoma City
Who for: Bloggers and Digital Influencers
What: The Confluence Conference is a two-day digital marketing conference that features digital content creators, experts and leaders in digital marketing, branding, public relations, advertising, social media, SEO, and more. They consider themselves the COMPLETE digital marketing conference.
Price: $250

TBEX Asia Pacific

When: October 13–16, 2016
Where: Manila, Philippines
Who For: Travel Bloggers
What: TBEX started with an email to six friends and has since grown to become the largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers, online travel journalists, new media content creators, travel brands and industry professionals. This is a unique opportunity to connect face-to-face with and learn from hundreds of like-minded peers and sponsors from around the globe.
Price:  $157 -$597

NEPA Blogcon 2016

When: October 15, 2016
Where: Dunmore, PA (Penn State Worthington Scranton)
Who for: Beginner to Professional Bloggers
What: Whether you’re new to the blogging scene or you have been blogging for so long that it’s as second nature as having breakfast in the morning, Nepa Blogcon offers something for everyone. The conference gives you the opportunity to learn how to communicate effectively online and use the latest technologies. To give you an idea of what is to come, NEPA Blogcon 2015 featured speakers such as award-winning entrepreneur and business blogger Ashley Ambirge, and founder of ‘What the FORK’ Mario Bevilacqua.
Price: TBC

Food Bloggers of Canada Conference

When: October 21–23, 2016
Where: Toronto, ON
Who for: Food bloggers
What: With attendees capped at 150, FBC specifically focuses on one-to-one networking with other bloggers, brands, and speakers who are passionate about food.
Price: From $0-$899

Blog Elevated

When: October 21-23, 2016
Where: Houston, TX
Who For: Beginner to Professional Bloggers
What: Blog Elevated is a two-day conference of in-depth learning and, as they like to call it, “brain exploding goodness.” Unlike most conferences that focus solely on inspirational speakers, BE shifts your attention to smart business tactics and hard-hitting information. The conference allows you to soak up information on various topics including analytics and stats, grammar and writing, photography, and more.
Price: $249


When: November 3–5, 2016
Where: Atlanta, GA
Who for: Beginner to Professional Female Bloggers
What:  Blogalicious conference is the go-to destination for female bloggers that want to meet influential multicultural women and be apart of a supportive community that celebrates digital diversity. Network with social media influencers, industry leaders and leading brands and discuss ways in which you can take your blog to the next level.
Price: $199

Sparks Sessions

When: November 5-6, 2016
Where: Toronto, ON
Who For: Beauty Bloggers and Influencers
What: Sparks Sessions is the only conference in Canada that focuses on connecting you with other style, beauty, and lifestyle influencers, PR professionals and marketing experts. The conference also includes hands-on workshops designed to help you elevate you digital skills as well as an amazing ‘swag-bag’ filled with goodies.
Price: $199-$449


When: December 1-3, 2016
Where: New Orleans, LA
Who For: Food, Wellness, Health and Environment Bloggers
What: ShiftCon is the only social media conference that focuses on the eco-wellness niche. This is the place for bloggers and other social media professionals to network, learn, and collaborate all in one place. Attendees participate in workshops, share knowledge and decide on themes to collaborate on in the following year.
Price: $169- $599

Simply Stylist

When: Fall 2016 (TBC)
Where: New York, NY
Who For: Fashion Bloggers
What: Simply Stylist is a conference devoted to bringing together fashionistas and beauty lovers. Past speakers include international supermodel Tyra Banks, actress and blogger Jaime Chung and former Miss USA Olivia Cupo.
Price: $50-$350


Who For: Food Bloggers
What: TechMunch is for food bloggers looking to take their brand to the next level. The conference offers hands-on training sessions via a fast paced format focused on providing useful information and networking opportunities with some of the most renowned digital publishers, food journalists and culinary marketing experts. Furthermore, TechMunch, being a travelling conference, coproduces each event with a local blogger so that the program and speakers align perfectly with the city’s community.

TechMunch San Francisco

When: August 26, 2016
Where: San Francisco, CA
Price: $175-$3000

TechMunch Atlanta

When: September 16, 2016
Where: Atlanta, GA
Price: $99-$350

TechMunch NYC

When: September 30, 2016
Where: New York, NY
Price: $99-$350

TechMunch Miami

When: October 7, 2016-07-20
Where: Miami, FL
Price: $99-$350

Blogging Concentrated

Who For: Advanced Bloggers
What: Blogging Concentrated is a conference designed specifically for business owners who already have an online presence, content, and have made their first dollar. The people from BC have worked with thousands of bloggers and entrepreneurs and are willing to pass on their knowledge so that you can grow your business in the direction you want. They break down the business plan step-by-step and provide you with all the necessary tools and resources so that after the conference, you can make anything you want happen.

Blogging Concentrated Savannah

When: August 26, 2016
Where: Savannah, GA
Price: $249

Blogging Concentrated Lansing

When: September 23, 2016
Where: Lansing, MI
Price: $249

Blogging Concentrated Toronto

When: September 25, 2016
Where: Toronto, ON
Price: $249

BlogHer16: Experts Among Us

When: August 4-6, 2016
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Who For: Beginner to Professional Bloggers
What: BlogHer16 is the largest celebration of women content creators across social media, video, photos and the web. The event is action packed with celebrity guests such as keynote speaker Kim Kardashian, actresses Sarah Michelle Geller and Mayim Bialik and singer-songwriter Sheyrl Crow. The highlights of the conference will be ‘Podcasting vs. Blogging Smackdown, Facebook’ and ‘Snapchat Best Practices’ and ‘Monetize Your Small-to-Medium Blog.’
Price: $99-$898


When: October 7-8, 2016
Where: Austin, TX
Who For: Food Bloggers
What: BlogHerFood is an extension of BlogHer16 that is tailored for top food and lifestyle bloggers.
Price: $99-$898


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