Swedish Church Set To Hit ISIS With the Holy Books of scriptures In Iraq

The Islamic State (ISIS) fortifications in Iraq are going to get electronic variants of the sacred holy book of scriptures via air to facilitate their agony, graciousness of a Swedish church. 

The Livets Ord zealous gathering from Sweden are to drop substantial number of Christian heavenly books on ISIS targets utilizing rambles as a part of Iraq. 

Their point is to spread love and trust in regions that might do not have god’s consideration. 

Church pioneer Christian Akerhielm said: “The books of scriptures are the extent of pill boxes and have a showcase. They require no power, however take a shot at their own. 

“Our aspiration is to go on the trust and love of the Christian gospel to a populace living in shut territories where they are being denied human rights. 

“We begin our task in a couple of weeks and would like to drop a huge number of books of scriptures.” 

The religious trap will utilize remote-controlled automatons and is required to begin in the following couple of weeks. 

The congregation said another association in the territory, which it didn’t name, would complete the mission. 

Livets Ord is one of Sweden’s biggest and most questionable free holy places. 

Its authors Ulf and Birgitta Ekman left the congregation in 2014 to change over to Catholicism. 

The congregation says on its site: “We have faith in an unfailing and ceaseless adoration, given to us by God. 

“What’s more, together we attempt to spread that adoration to however many individuals as would be prudent. Both all around and nearer to where our house is, here in Uppsala.”


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