Suicide bombers hit Nigerian university college

Three suicide bombers on Friday exploded explosives inside a college grounds in Nigeria’s northeastern state. 

The episode occurred in Maiduguri city of Borno state. 

“There were numerous suicide bombings at College Of Maiduguri where three male suicide bombers were murdered,” as per a short proclamation by the nation’s National Crisis Administration Office (NEMA). 

Local residence revealed to Anadolu Office that those harmed included warriors, individuals from the legislature sponsored vigilante group and work force of the varsity’s security, without specifying the particular number of individuals harmed in the episode. 

The bombings were the second such assault in seven days faulted for the Boko Haram aggressor group that has pursued brutal revolt in the area since 2009. 

On Thursday, police said two fighters were harmed in a suicide bomb assault close to a displaced person camp in Nigeria’s northeastern Konduga town of Borno state.


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