Security Reports Reveals That ISIS launches 7th chemical attack in Mosul

No less than six Iraqi fighters have been killed taking after a chemical assault propelled by ISIS on Sunday. This is the second time in two days that the terrorist group have utilized chemical weapons to push back government drives in Mosul. 

The chemical attack on Sunday happened in a recently-liberated area of Mosul, where the Federal Police and Rapid Response forces are advancing towards the old city which is still roaming with ISIS terrorists

The representative for the Joint Operation Order in Iraq, Brigadier General Yahya Rasool, told the Associated Press that six troopers endured “breathing issues” from the assault. 

Security sources told the AhlulBayt News Office that rockets were stacked with chlorine and were let go at the al-Abar neighborhood. 

This is the seventh time in as much days that ISIS terrorist group have utilized substance weapons with an end goal to stop government troops progress on the old city. 

“The Daesh terror based group posses attempts to hinder the progress of our strengths by utilizing shells loaded with poisonous compound material, yet the impact was restricted,” Iraq’s Joint Operations Command said in an announcement, alluding to Saturday’s episode on their Facebook page. 

The announcement included that the assault Saturday did not bring on any deaths, just “constrained wounds” to an unspecified number of troops who were quickly treated in the wake of being emptied from the territory. 

Officers in Iraq’s Government Police revealed to Reuters that the chemicals weapons agents were shot from the Urouba and Bab Jadid areas on Saturday. 

Somewhere in the range of 400,000 individuals are caught in the region controlled by fanatics, as Iraqi powers gain moderate ground in freeing whatever is left of the city from the terrorist group oppressors. 

The underlying operation to free Iraq’s second biggest city started precisely six months prior on October 16. 

Subsequent to securing the eastern piece of the megapolis prior this year, battling in vigorously populated west Mosul was relied upon to transform into an intense test for Iraqi strengths because of the city’s thin back roads and avenues which does not consider defensively covered vehicles and tanks to experience. 

While coalition strengths have been giving an account of their military advances, regular citizen losses have been heaping up – both because of terrorist group and in some cases thus of aimless shelling by the US-drove coalition.


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