Samsung technology develops new foldable phones .

The US Patent and Trademark Office USPTO recently registered a new patent for Samsung, to develop unprecedented types of foldable phones.
According to the leaks, the upcoming Samsung phones will differ completely from the other foldable phones that currently exist, as they will be provided with special structures that can be folded in the middle, and one of its sections can be moved after folding horizontally to show the user a part of the folded screen, that is, the latter will not need to open the phone Shutter when you want to use the front camera or watch numbers for incoming connections or time, for example.
Looking at the leaked images of these phones, we note that you will get many useful and advanced technologies, such as an eye fingerprint scanner to protect the device’s information and privacy, and a fingerprint scanner built into the section on which the screen is installed.
On the external interface of the device, a basic single-lens camera is installed, while the rear interface included a small front camera, and possibly lighting sensors.
The leaks indicate that Samsung applied for a license for this type of device in March, and it is expected to put it on the market next year to be an affordable competitor for Motorola folding phones.
Source: 4pda

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