Sad Mum kept 3-year-old daughter’s body in bed for 11 days after she died

A brave mum has revealed how she kept her three-year-old daughter’s body in bed for 11 days after she died.

Little Georgia Fieldsend passed away from a ruptured brain aneurysm on December 30, 2013, just five days after collapsing into her mother’s arms on a beach in Egypt.

Following her death in Sharm El Sheikh, the youngster’s body was flown back to her family’s Surrey home, where it remained for 11 days until her funeral.

During this time, her heartbroken mum, Ilse Fieldsend, would lie beside her, stroking her small forehead and telling her how much she loved her.
She also told the little girl – who would have turned seven today – about her funeral arrangements.
But she was careful not to hold her hand or cuddle her too much – in case she “warmed her body”.

I know some will think what we did was shocking, but to us it made sense,” Ilse told The Telegraph.Our daughter’s body belonged with us, not in a morgue. Having her at home helped us grieve.”

To preserve the youngster’s body, dressed in her favourite dress and shoes, the couple kept her bedroom door shut and her window open.

The funeral directors reportedly said she would be “fine” in these conditions.
“Her body was cold but she looked and felt like my little girl,” Ilse told the newspaper, adding that Georgia’s younger brother, Joshua, also saw her body.


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