Russia is accusing the US government and its allies responsible for the attack on its embassy in the Syrian capital, Damascus

Russia is considering the US and its partners in charge of the assault on its Embassy in the Syrian capital, Damascus, saying they are filling viciousness in the war-hit nation by conniving with activists and fanatics. 

The Russian Remote Service discharged an announcement on Tuesday affirming a mortar assault against the Russian international safe haven in Damascus. 

One of the mortar shells hit the region close to the mission’s private compound, while two others landed near the government office building. 

“It’s an explicit demonstration of dread intended to alarm the individuals who bolster the fight against fear mongering,” the Remote Priest Sergei Lavrov said 

The shelling is “aftereffect of the activities of the individuals who, similar to the US and some of its partners, incite the proceeded with slaughter in Syria and play with aggressors and radicals of all flavors,” the service included. 

It further went ahead to say that Monday’s assault was propelled from the Jobar neighborhood of Damascus, which is controlled by the psychological oppressor bunches Failak al-Rahman and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch once in the past known as al-Nusra Front. 

Somewhere else in its announcement, the Russian Remote Service emphatically denounced the attack as a wrongdoing submitted by fear based oppressors. 

“By and by they (psychological oppressors) have represented a genuine risk to the life and work of Russian ambassadors in Syria. The fundamental standards of universal law have been damaged once again,” it said. 

The service further encouraged facilitated endeavors by the global group to battle psychological warfare and underlined Moscow’s status to take “every single important measure” to reestablish peace and security to Syria. 

The Russian Embassy in the Syrian capital has gone under activist fire a few times.


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