Russia And China seek Chemical Weapons Probe Extension To Iraq

Russia and China concludes plans that United Nations panel investigating chemical weapons use in Syria be reached out to Iraq, a proposition England promptly dismisses. 

The two nations raised the possibility of widening the extent of the Joint Investigative Component amid a chamber exchange about the clash of Mosul, where Iraqi forces are battling ISIL. 

Security Chamber individuals communicated “consistent worry” about the most recent data concerning IS’s utilization of substance weapons, as indicated by English Minister Matthew Rycroft, who led the discussions.

“The UK pointed out that there were many differences between the situation in Iraq and Syria,” he said.
Unlike the Syrian government, the Iraqi government “is fully cooperating with the OPCW,” Rycroft added, referring to the intergovernmental Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which works with the UN to implement the Joint Investigative Mechanism.
“There are no allegations” the Iraqi government is using chemical weapons, he said.
The council took no decision over the draft on Friday, Rycroft said. He did not indicate whether Russia and China would submit their resolution to a vote in the future.
The dispute highlighted a fundamental disagreement over Syria between Western countries and Russia.
The Joint Investigative Mechanism — which Moscow helped establish as a Security Council member — found that the Syrian government, a Russian ally, had used chemical weapons at least three times.
But in February, Russia and China vetoed a draft resolution that would have sanctioned the Syrian government for its use of chemical weapons.


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