Putin signs law allowing him to remain in office until 2036


MOSCOW, Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin could remain in office till 2036, following the passage of legislation allowing him to run for office two more times.

Putin will have served as President four times when his term ends in 2024.

A new constitution, passed last year, allows Putin to continue on as President for two additional six-year terms.

If elected two more times, Putin would surpass Josef Stalin for having served the most number of years of any leader since Peter the Great.

Putin, 68 years-old, signed into law the bill that would allow him to serve two more terms, until he is 83 years-old.

Also, Dmitry Medvedev, who served as President from 2008-2012, would now have the right to serve two more terms.

Critics of last year’s constitutional changes warned that Putin could become “president for life.”

Earlier, Putin said he did not know whether he would run in 2024.

News report by: Robert Besser


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