Predominant Media press Prohibited From Giving an account of German Court’s MMR Vaccine Ruling

Judges at the German Federal Supreme Court  (BGH) affirmed in a current deciding that the measles infection “does not exist.” 

The stun ruling came after biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka wager €100,000 that no one could give logical verification that the measles infection is a genuine infection. 

Predominant media press in the U.S. reported on the case, misguiding their crowd that Dr. Lanka’s position had been demonstrated wrong and he had been requested to pay €100,000. 

Considering the fact that predominant press in the U.S. is vigorously bankrolled by Big Pharma, their hurry to deliver articles censuring Dr. Lanka as a “messy and notorious reputation researcher” and a “wrench” is not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone’s mind.

As the LA Times gleefully reported:
The challenge was taken up by David Bardens, a German doctor who compiled evidence from medical journals proving the disease’s viral cause. When Lanka rejected the evidence, Bardens sued. Last week a German court found Bardens’ evidence persuasive and ordered Lanka to pay.
But the story didn’t end there. Dr. Lanka took the case to a highest court in Germany and the top judges in the country reviewed the case. Their verdict? There was no scientific evidence that proved the measles virus actually exists.
It turned out that the “proof” provided was a composite of several different electron microscope images. And the composite involved different components of damaged cells. The composite could not be duplicated. The German Federal Supreme Court confirmed that there was not enough evidence to prove the existence of the measles virus.
Did mainstream media update their audience with the new information that Dr. Lanka had been vindicated by the highest court in the land? Of course not. Big Pharma wouldn’t allow them to broadcast or publish that kind of inflammatory truth.
Writing about the landmark ruling, Dr Lanka explained his scientific position: “In the trial, the results of research into so-called genetic fingerprints of alleged measles virus have been introduced. Two recognized laboratories, including the world’s largest and leading genetic Institute, arrived at exactly the same results independently.The results prove that the authors of the six publications in the measles virus case were wrong, and as a direct result all measles virologists are still wrong today: They have misinterpreted ordinary constituents of cells as part of the suspected measles virus.
“Because of this error, during decades of consensus building process, normal cell constituents were mentally assembled into a model of a measles virus. To this day, an actual structure that corresponds to this model has been found neither in a human, nor in an animal. With the results of the genetic tests, all thesis of existence of measles virus has been scientifically disproved.”

Dr. Lanka also explained that his findings may explain why the measles vaccine causes frequent and more severe allergies and autoimmune reactions than other vaccinations.
Upon enquiries which had been triggered by the measles virus contest, the head of the National Reference Institute for Measles at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Prof. Dr. Annette Mankertz, admitted an important fact. This admission may explain the increased rate of vaccination-induced disabilities, namely of vaccination against measles, and why and how specifically this kind of vaccination seems to increasingly trigger autism.
“Prof. Mankertz has admitted that the “measles virus” contains typical cell’s natural components (ribosomes, the protein factories of the cell). Since the vaccination against measles contains whole “whole measles virus”, this vaccine contains cell’s own structures. This explains why vaccination against measles causes frequent and more severe allergies and autoimmune reactions than other types of vaccination. The court expert Prof. Podbielski stated on several occasions that by the assertion of the RKI with regard to ribosomes in the measles virus, the thesis of existence of measles virus has been falsified.
“In the trial it was also put on record that the highest German scientific authority in the field of infectious diseases, the RKI, contrary to its legal remit as per § 4 Infection Protection Act (IfSG), has failed to create tests for alleged measles virus and to publish these. The RKI claims that it made internal studies on measles virus, however refuses to hand over or publish the results.”


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