Practical Ways To Earn free 64Bitcoin With Just 0.01Bitcoin Investment


What is FIVE2BTC?

Five2btc is a direct member-to-member donation platform that uses ONLY bitcoins for transactions. Which means, no central account, no request for withdrawal, no admin. Your money (bitcoin) is paid straight into your Blockchain wallet; which is similar to your traditional bank account. Deposits, withdrawals, and transfers are done instantly!

One of the best ways to become rich with BITCOIN is through participating in an online program like…Five2BTC
Five2btc’s front man is David Vincente Martin from Spain.

Five2btc was officially launched in September 2016, and as at now, the number of Five2btc members worldwide is over 50,000 and increasing by the day.


PLEASE NOTE: When I did the calculation below, 0.01BTC was $15usd. But now, it may be higher or lower than that (We are talking about currency here, it may appreciate or depreciate over time). I am tired of changing the value every now and then due to fluctuations in the exchange rate. So, I am going to leave it at the old exchange rate I used which is $15usd for 0.01BTC. Just bear it in mind that the current value for 0.01BTC may be higher or lower than this value currently. You will know the current rate when you want to join.

Five2btc gives you the opportunity to accumulate up to 64 bitcoins every 50 days. In Five2btc, you start with 0.01 bitcoins ($15) and grow this figure to 64 bitcoins ($64,000).

How Do You Do This?

Five2btc is a 2×5 forced matrix. You sign up for free and you are placed on level 0. The system gives you 24 hours to upgrade to level 1. To upgrade to level 1, you will donate 0.01btc ($15)  to your sponsor. Your sponsor is the person that referred you to Five2btc.  After paying your sponsor, you are given your referral link and are ready to start making money.
You only invite 2 people and no more and if you don’t want to refer people, the system can assign 2 people under you who will donate to you.

Even if you bring more than 2 people the system will not place them directly under you, but under the first 2 people who signed up under you (THIS IS CALLED THE SPILL OVER EFFECT).

So automatically, extra people you bring would be assigned to people under the same team as yours. In this case, they are your down lines so you are still the boss.


The first 2 people who signed up under you will form your level 1 downline. Each of them will pay you 0.01btc (0.01btc = $15 ×2 = $30). 100% ROI. You will get your investment back with 100 percent profit immediately the first two referrals donate to you.
The first 2 people that donate to you in level 1, will proceed to bring 2 people each and the system can also assign two referrals each to them. These 4 people will form your level 2 downline.
These 4 people will each donate 0.015 btc ×4 = 0.06btc ($15.10 ×4 = $60) to you when they upgrade to level 2 (as long as you’ve upgraded to Level 2).
The 4 people who have recently joined will bring 2 people each and the system can also assign referrals to them. These 8 people will form your level 3 downline.
Now these 8 people will each donate 0.04btc ×8 = 0.32btc ($40.20 ×8 = $321.60) to you when they upgrade to level 3 (as long as you’ve upgraded to Level 3).
 The 8 people who have recently joined will bring 2 people each and the system can also assign referrals to them. These 16 people will form your level 4 downline.
Now these 16 people will each donate 0.2btc ×16 = 3.2btc ($200.98 ×16 = $3215.68) to you when they upgrade to level 4 (as long as you’ve upgraded to Level 4).
The 16 people who have recently joined will bring 2 people each and the system can also assign referrals to them. These 32 people will form your level 5 downline.
Now these 32 people will each donate 2btc ×32 = 64btc ($2,000 ×32 = $64,000) to you when they upgrade to level 5 (as long as you’ve upgraded to Level 5).

Let Me Use Myself As An Example, You Will Understand Better When I Do.

The day I registered on the portal, I used a referral link belonging to “Peter Best” to sign up on Five2BTC. “Peter Best”  was my upline/sponsor and I was asked to donate 0.01BTC ($15) to her so I could upgrade from level Zero to Level 1.
After upgrading to level 1, I was given a referral link to refer others to join. “Peter Best”  already had her first two downlines complete so the system assigned two people to join under me. Two people registered under me and each of them paid 0.01BTC(415) to me. So the total money I got for upgrading to level one was 0.02BTC($30) and remember I only donated 0.01btc to “Peter Best”  to upgrade to level 1, and I got 0.02btc back.
I could withdraw my money with 100 percent profit and remain on that level 1. But because I wanted to earn more, I re-invested the money and upgraded to level 2. Remember I earned 0.02BTC($30) from level one, out of the 0.02BTC($30), I used 0.015BTC($14.56) to upgrade to level 2. So I had a profit of $15.44 left after upgrading to stage 2
When I got to stage 2, four people paid me 0.015BTC each(0.015BTC X4=0.06 ($14.56×4 = $58.24)
Which means to upgrade to level 2, I invested 0.015BTC from the money I made from level 1 and I got 0.06BTC ($58.24) back after upgrading to level 2.

So my full profit at level 2 was 0.06BTC ($58.24).
I could withdraw my money and remain at level 2, but because I wanted to earn more, I re-invested 0.04BTC out of the 0.06BTC, I got in level 2 to upgrade to level 3.
0.04BTC – 0.06BTC = 0.02BTC
At level 3, eight people paid me 0.04BTC each x8 =0.32BTC ($321.60)
At this point, I can decide to remain on level 3, and withdraw my money. But I did not remain on level 3 because I wanted to earn more, I wanted to get to the highest stage which is $63,000.
So because of this ambition, I decided to upgrade to level 4. To upgrade to level 4, I need 0.2BTC to do so.
Out of the 0.32BTC profit I got from Level 3, I removed 0.2BTC and sent it to a level 4 member on Five2btc who is one of my Uplines.
Immediately, I was upgraded to level 4 and I still had 0.12BTC profit left after the upgrade to level 4.

At level 4, sixteen people would pay me 0.2BTC each, making a total of 3.2BTC($3,217)


1.     Because the value of Bitcoin appreciates very fast, you need to pay your registration fee as soon as possible. We don’t know what the value of 0.01BTC will be tomorrow. Don’t wait till the price is high before you join.


It is almost impossible to succeed in Five2btc as an individual, which is why we formed a team. My team comprises people of different disciplines; budding entrepreneurs who are eager to make it. Who have stopped depending on the government and have taken full responsibility for their lives. Who know that it is better to try and fail, than to not try and regret.
And off course, all we do is win and win in my team because I have a very strong team.
Join Five2BTC today and have peace of mind!
You can click the link below to join now (You can sign up using your mobile device/computer)

Incase you are bothered about getting people to join under your referral link, do not worry about that. We are promoting this online so that everyone can get referrals and the response so far has been so overwhelming. The only role you have to play is to ensure you join Five2btc as soon as possible. Because, the system will assign spillovers based on First come, first serve. And if you have alot of people to bring under you, you don’t have to wait for spillovers, feel free to bring them because it would only make us to achieve our goal faster as a team, remember this is a team work..

Follow the step by step guide below on how to sign up for a Bitcoin wallet, how to fund your Bitcoin wallet and how to pay your Upline/sponsor using your Bitcoin wallet etc.


The next thing you need to do after completing your registration on Five2BTC is to open a Bitcoin wallet ( . When you open a wallet, you will be able to generate a code which would serve as your account number. You will use this code to receive payment into your wallet. A wallet is what you will use to store your bitcoins through which you can make payment and receive payment. Now there are couple of wallets that runs and stores bitcoin..

Think of a wallet as a bank account

Just as every currency has its own central bank, the bitcoin has a similar structure and it is called BLOCKCHAIN
BlockChain manages all transactions that occur in the Bitcoin world…and they are also the ones that determines
1.     The worth of Bitcoin in the online community
2.     The amount of Bitcoin in circulation
3.     Mining rights to participants
However, Blockchain also runs a wallet, thus give the best Wallet Experience and most investment platforms prefer you to have an account with them. So to open a Blockchain account, follow the pictorial step by step guide below


1.     Proceed to, the image below would come up

Click On Create A Free Bitcoin Wallet and the image below would come up

Enter your email and password . Use a strong password like Capital letter, followed by small letter, followed by signs like #=@ and use numbers as well. After you have done this successfully, check your email and you will receive a message from Blockchain that looks like the one below

The wallet identifier is your login user ID, do not share it with anybody. You should also keep your password safe. Do not forget it.
Go back to to login again

When you log in successfully, an image that looks like the one below would come up

Since you just opened the account, your balance would be zero as indicated in the image above. The next thing you need to do now is to fund your account.

If you want to receive any payment from another Bitcoin user, click on Receive as indicated below

When you click on receive above, the image below would come up

Copy the digits in the item marked in RED above and send it to whoever wants to sell the bitcoin to you. If you want to receive money from anyone too, simply copy the code above and give the person.

Now that you have funded your bitcoin account, it is time to start the real business.

Log on to five2btc by clicking on the referral link below (If you want your success to be guaranteed in this business, then you need to be on my team. To be on my team, ensure you sign up using the registration link on this page. Your success is my success so rest assured I am going to give you all the tools and assistance you need to make cool and lots of money on this platform)
Register by clicking on this link  if you have not registered before now

When you click on the link above, the image below would come up

Fill the form correctly and do not forget your username and password. The default country is Afghanistan, change it to your own country

Ask yourself a security question and input the correct answer. Do not forget your answer. Confirm you are not a robot by clicking on the blank box above. Submit the form and you would be taken to a page that looks like the one below..

Click on Add your bitcoin wallet to receive donations

When you do that, the image below would come up

The wallet website is
Wallet address is the address I asked you to copy earlier on. See below

Copy it from above and paste it in the box
Answer your security question and submit. You are now set to receive donations from other members. Which takes us to the next level which is upgrading your account from level zero to level one. To do this, click on upgrade to next stage as indicated in the image below

What I Have Put In Place To Make This Program Extremely Easy And Amazing For You..
1.     I would help you get referrals but you must register using a link on this page so the spill over effect can assign two referrals under you and you must endeavor to pay your sponsor between 24hrs after registering. We don’t get referrals for people manually, we allow the system to arrange it the way it should be done. If you register and you don’t pay your sponsor within 24hrs, the system would delete your account. I know fully well that getting referrals is one of the things that discourages a lot of people from going into Networking marketing. Therefore, if you don’t know how to get referrals, I’ll do it for you. I have gotten my own two downlines, so it’s absolutely easy for me to help you get yours too if you don’t know how to do so. Now, you have no excuse not to join this life changing program.

2.     If you want to fund your Bitcoin wallet, contact me as well. I would help you fund your wallet by selling the Bitcoin to you. You can pay the equivalent amount in Naira through mobile transfer, internet banking, or direct deposit to the bank. You can also use your atm card to pay in Naira right on this page. You can call any of these nos to place your order for Bitcoin +2348166542984, +2347051083094

3.     When your referrals start paying you and you want to withdraw your money in Bitcoin while you get the equivalent amount in Naira. Simply put a call across to me and I would gladly buy the Bitcoin from you while I pay the equivalent amount in Naira into your bank account in Nigeria.

1.     You can refer members from all over the world to participate
2.     You only need to bring two people if you don’t want to wait for spill overs
3.     You can run the business on any device, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops
4.     The registration fee is very small, a lot of people can afford it
5.     Upgrade to level one must be done within 24hrs of registering, so anyone that signs up under you must pay you their upgrade fee within 24hours, meaning you can even get your money back within 24hrs of joining it.
6.     No monthly payment, you only have to renew each level you have attained after 50 days so you can earn again from that level. So the money you make on any level is recurring.
7.     Bitcoin is the mode of payment which you can either save for future investment or even convert it to Naira (You know how much a dollar is right now. Imagine having just one Bitcoin which is over $1000 at the moment)
8.     You only have to make payment of 0.01BTC once. Any other money you need to upgrade would be paid to you by your downlines. Since I joined, I didn’t have to buy bitcoin again or fund my wallet to upgrade. I have been taking money from the money paid to me by my downlines. And I still have so much left to spend and enjoy. So what you need money for basically is your first payment which is 0.01BTC ($12). Upgrading is very good because it allows you to earn more money from your downlines.

I highly advise you to give this a try, believe me this would be the best decision you would ever make.

Would you rather spend money on things you may not be able to account for later or invest the money in your future instead and remain fulfilled for life?
You have the choice to make the right decision now
When I did my first upgrade of 0.01BTC to level 1, I made my money back in less than 24hours of joining. My upline already had her level 1 referrals completed so the spill over effect naturally assigned two people under me and they paid me. So I got my money back with 100 percent profit even before I started telling people about the amazing income opportunity. I couldn’t even believe it.
A lot of people would be glad if you introduce this type of program to them. Join the winning team now!
We have Whatsapp group chats for our members
You can add us on the Whatsapp contact below to know more and ask further questions. But remember, anytime you decide to join Five2BTC, ensure you come back to this page and copy the referral link you see here so you can be on my team.

Ensure You Sign Up Using Only The Referral Link On This Page. But If You Are Referred To This Page By A Member Of Five2btc, Ensure You Contact The Person For The Referral Link You Will Use To Sign Up With.

Summary Of The Steps Involved In Getting Started.

1. Open your Bitcoin wallet account with block chain here=>
2. Register your Five2BTC account here with this link as your sponsor=>
3. Make sure you copy the contact details of your sponsor and keep it safe somewhere once you complete your registration. You may need it later.
4. Upgrade immediately to level 1 by paying 0.01BTC to your sponsor
5. Confirm your upgrade by uploading the transaction hash ID on FIVE2BTC

6. After your upgrade has been confirmed by FIVE2BTC admin, Get your own referral link and start your business immediately! If you don’t want to refer people, wait for the system to assign 2 referrals under you. They will donate to you, then you can move on to the next stage.




For level one, you are qualified to receive two donations (0.01BTCx2) = 0.02BTC
Once you upgrade to level one and you have received all your two donations for level one, you need to upgrade immediately to level 2 so you don’t miss the payment for the next stage.
For level 2, you are qualified to receive 4 donations of 0.015BTC i.e (0.015BTCx4 = 0.06BTC
Once you are in level 2 and you have received four donations of 0.015BTC, you need to move again to level 3 so you don’t miss the payment for level 3.
For level 3, you are qualified to receive donations of 0.04BTC from 8 people (0.04BTC X8= 0.32BTC), Once you realize that you have collected 0.04BTC from 8 people in the level 3 that you are, you need to move again to level 4.
For level 4, you are qualified to receive donations of 0.20BTC from 16 people (0.20BTCx16 =3.20BTC ). So immediately you receive donations from 16 people in level 4, you need to upgrade again to the last stage, which is stage 5. (This is where the 32 million naira donation comes in). 32 people will donate 2 bitcoins each to you which is 64Bitcoin ($64,000).
2BTC($2,000) X 32 = 64BTC($64,000)
This is the last stage, so you do not need to upgrade again.

It means you will continue to receive a donation of 64 Bitcoins every 50 days for life.

I want to believe you are now clear on how the whole upgrade thing works. You can still call any of the nos on this page if you want to understand better.


If you don’t pay your sponsor, your account would not be upgraded from level zero to level one, and no one would be able to sign up under you, after which the system would naturally delete your account within 24hrs of signing up. Meaning your free membership will expire in 24hrs and you will need to get another referral link to sign up again. If you want to get back again, send me an email on so I can give you a referral link to sign up with and you can also come back to this blog to get a referral link.


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