Pope Francis: Vatican Recognizes World War 3 Has Started

Pope Francis has declared that World War 3 has started, saying it is not a religious war but rather Another World Request produced strife over “premiums, cash and assets.” 

“We should not be reluctant to say reality, the world is at war since it has lost peace,” the Pope said. 

“When I talk about war I discuss wars over premiums, cash, assets – not religion. All religions need peace, the others need war,” Pope Francis said, suggesting the New World Request’s objectives of complete and aggregate control over each person on the planet and the emotional lessening of the world’s populace. 

“This is war. There was a war of 1914. At that point that of 1939-45. Another Awesome War. At that point there is this one. It is perhaps not natural. It is composed, yes, yet not natural. Be that as it may, it is a war,” the Pope said. 

“To be clear, when I talk about war, I talk about genuine war. Not a war of religion. There is a war of interests. There is a war for cash. There is a war for characteristic assets. There is a war for control of people groups.” 

The Pope comprehend’s the Luciferian New World Request’s arrangement to utilize Islam to incite World War 3. This is not a war about religion. The NWO are just utilizing religion to start a war about cash, complete control, and annihilation. 

Albert Pike’s ‘grouping of three world wars forecast’ is specifically compelling. Albert Pike was a top Illuminati Fantastic Wizard, an infamous Luciferian, and a General for the Alliance in the American common war. In the 1880s he straightforwardly expressed that Islam will be the focal segment in World War 3, and that the Illuminati will lead Islam into direct showdown with the West. 

We have as of now seen what the New World Request has finished with Islam. As Pope Francis says, they have utilized it to instigate an emergency, a conflict of civilisations. Don’t imagine it any other way, the Illuminati is utilizing Islam to accomplish its objectives of Another World Request. 

It is reported that Albert Pike composed a letter to a companion in 1871 sketching out the last and biggest of the three world wars – World War 3. This letter serves as an outline that spells out precisely what will happen in the last war, and it is being trailed by the Illuminati right up ’til today. 

In this infamous letter/plan, Albert Pike is recorded as saying his military project may take 100 years or somewhat more to achieve the day when the individuals who coordinate the scheme at the top will crown their pioneer Lord autocrat of the whole world, and force a Luciferian totalitarian tyranny upon what is left of mankind. 

Pike appears to show a scheme to begin a war so that the Antichrist can climb to his position as world ruler. 

Pike’s letter likewise points of interest the specifics of the initial two world wars – with chilling exactness: 

“World War I should be purchased about keeping in mind the end goal to allow the Illuminati to oust the force of the Tsars in Russian and of making that nation a post of agnostic socialism.” 

“The second World War will be battled for two reasons. To set up the Condition of Israel, and to extend comrade control over Europe.” 

“World War III must be instigated by exploiting the contrasts between the political Zionists and the pioneers of the Islamic world.” 

As indicated by Pike, Islam will be the focal component in the ruin of the West. Islam will then be demolished itself, taking into account the new religion of Luciferianism to spread on the earth. All Muslims will succumb to this framework. There isn’t a solitary Muslim on this planet who won’t submit to the religion of the New World Request, as indicated by Pike’s authentic predictions. 

Islam is simply the Illuminati’s instrument to decimate the West. They took after Pike’s outline when they devastated the World Exchange Center in 2001 and pointed the finger at it on Muslims. The emergency that would come was a hotly anticipated prophetic satisfaction. As Albert Pike had anticipated, Islam was the religion used to incite an emergency. 

What’s more, as we as a whole know, starting there things just deteriorated. What is the basic element each time you see an emergency? Who is behind it? 


Furthermore, the Illuminati need you to trust it is characteristically an issue with Islam. They need you to stay insensible of reality: that they are utilizing the religion to accomplish their definitive objective – to pulverize the West as we probably am aware it, and usher in Another World Request. 

It has all been mapped out. We have seen what they are doing with the vagrant emergency, and with fear assaults, et cetera. They are utilizing Islam to mix the pot. Just through comprehension the historical backdrop of the Illuminati would we be able to conceivably comprehend the current situation with the world, and ensure the Illuminati does not shape our future.


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