Pope Francis falls while leading Mass in Poland

Pope Francis has fallen amid a visit to Czestochowa, Poland. The pontiff was strolling in front of an audience, going to address the holding up group, yet all of a sudden fell. 

The 79-year-old pope, who hails from Argentina, was immediately served to his feet by different religious figures. He accordingly took to his seat, proceeded with the Mass and read his instruction typically. 

Francis experiences a medicinal condition called sciatica, in which torment in some cases extremely influences his leg and lower back. 

Pope Francis is attempted a five-day visit to Poland and was going by the nation’s holiest place of worship in the city of Czestochowa, which is in the south of the nation. 

The holy place is home the Dark Madonna, which is a Byzantine symbol from at some point between the 6th and ninth hundreds of years. It was conveyed to Poland around 600 years prior. The symbol is painted on wood and secured with silver and gems.


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