‘Our Government Unfit To Serve The People’—Queen’s 2017 Christmas Message

Queen Elizabeth dropped a bombshell earlier today while filming her annual Christmas Message for the BBC, telling viewers the British government are no longer fit to serve the people of Great Britain.
According to a BBC insider, a calm and composed Queen said “the interests of my people are being put at the back of the queue,” referring to the mishandling of Brexit negotiations with Europe.
The Queen asked her subjects to prepare for the total disintegration of democracy unless Brexit happens in 2018.
Senior palace staff and BBC crew cancelled the filming shortly after the Queen went onto express fears that a “war like no other” may be coming to preserve the interests of the elite.
“Our American cousins have escaped the clutches of tyranny, and we must ensure we do too,” she said urgently, before BBC staff, under orders from the palace, cancelled the take due to it being “too political.”

Later in the day the Christmas message was re-shot, the second take featuring the Queen paying tribute to London and Manchester for their handling of this year’s terror attacks
In the United Kingdom and on the Internet, broadcast of the Queen’s Christmas message is embargoed until 3:00 PM GMT on Christmas Day.
In other parts of the Commonwealth, the message is first broadcast in New Zealand at 6:50 PM local time by Television New Zealand, in Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at 7:20 PM local time, and in Canada by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time, which is the same as 3:00 PM GMT.
How popular is it?
Last year, 8.1 million viewers tuned in for the Christmas broadcast in the UK alone. The message was focussed on inspiration, and those in the community who inspire her. The Queen also congratulated Team GB for their success at the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, saying “inspiration fed aspiration.”
The theme of this year’s speech, chosen by the Queen herself, will, according to her official website, reflect her own interests but will always be “motivated by compassion and concern for her people.”


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