Nobel Peace Prize winner and Ex UN Secretary General Kofi Annan dies at Age 80

Former UN Secretary General and famed diplomat
Kofi Annan, 80, passed away in a Swiss hospital on Saturday, succumbing to a
“short illness,” according to his family.

The statesman passed away peacefully, surrounded
by his wife and three children, Annan’s family and foundation announced in a
statement praising him for fighting for a 
“fairer and more
peaceful world.”
 His family asked
for privacy in their time of mourning.

A renowned diplomat, Annan was born in 1938 in the British Crown
Colony of Gold Coast, which later became the independent nation of Ghana.
Starting his career in the World Health Organization, Annan then served as
Ghana’s director of tourism.
went on to hold several high-ranking offices within the United Nations. In the
early 1990s, as the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping, Annan led a UN
mission to war-torn Somalia and was the organization’s special envoy to former
1997, Annan was elected UN Secretary General – a position he held until 2006.
His tenure coincided with several international crises, such as the 1999 NATO
bombing campaign in Yugoslavia, the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and an
escalation in Israeli-Palestine violence known as the Second Intifada.
2001, “for their work
for a better organized and more peaceful world,”
 Annan and the
UN became co-recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.
stepping down from his position as secretary general, he established the Kofi
Annan Foundation and focused on humanitarian work.
2012, Annan was briefly recalled by the UN and the Arab League to lead a peace
mission during the early stages of the civil war in Syria. He proposed a
six-point peace plan to end the conflict, but his suggestions were never
implemented, and he resigned.


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