Nigerian researchers announce the arrival of a vaccine for Corona

A team of Nigerian scientists announced that they have discovered a vaccine against the emerging corona virus, according to Nigerian media, on Saturday.
The vaccine is expected to be mobilized for widespread use in at least 18 months, says the science team leader
The leadership news site quoted COVID-19 Research Group President Dr. Oladebo Kulule as saying that his team believes that “it is putting solutions to this global pandemic, and we are ready to work with all our strength behind the team of researchers and make the vaccine a reality.”
“The vaccine is real. We have verified it several times. It targets Africans, but it will also work in other races. It will work thanks to our determination. It required a lot of scientific research. Friday,” he added, Kollauli told reporters at Adilik University in the Nigerian state of Ida.
He pointed out that “the number of people who need vaccines is more than those who need drugs. That is why the research focused on a vaccine.”
According to him, the study on which the vaccine was based was initially funded by the Trinity Immunodeficiency Laboratory and Helix Biogen Consult, gbomosho, with about 7.8 million Nigerian naira ($ 20,000).
He added that his team worked extensively on the virus genome from samples across Africa to select the best possible candidates for the vaccine.
Without naming the vaccine, Collall revealed, researchers on the team made possible potential vaccine combinations.
He added that the launch of the vaccine would take at least 18 months to be used widely, given the research, analysis and approvals required by the medical authorities.

The highest number of deaths was recorded in Africa in Egypt, where they reached 2017, followed by South Africa with 1,831 deaths, Algeria 825, Sudan 506 and Nigeria with 475.
The countries with the highest number of cases were South Africa with 87,715, Egypt with 52211, Nigeria with 18480 and Algeria with 11504.

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