Nigerian Records for More than 70% of 500m Illegal Weapons in West Africa

The United Nations (UN) has raised caution over the unlawful multiplication of Little Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) in Nigeria with more than 350 million and 70 for every penny of assessed 500 million of such weapons said to flow in West Africa domiciled in the nation. 

The Chief of Joined Countries Local Community for Peace and Demilitarization in Africa (UNREC), Ms. Olatokunbo Ige, gave this startling measurements at the progressing National Discussion on Physical Security and Stockpile Administration (PSSM) in Abuja, composed by the Organization and Presidential Board of trustees on Smalls Arms and Light Weapons (PRESCOM). 

Ige said that the nation is flooded with unlawful weapons, which have discovered its way into unapproved hands on non-state performing artists that are debilitating the presence of the nation, too lives and properties of the general population. 

She said: “The illegal expansion of SALW has dramatically affected peace and security in Africa, debilitating the presence of the state, as well as the employments of a large number of individuals over the mainland. 

“Nigerian is one of the nations that is encountering the absolute most wrecking impacts of the multiplication of SALW as an aftereffect of overflow impact of the late emergencies in Libya, and Mali and in addition uncertain inner clashes in various parts of the nation particularly in the North East, Niger Delta and Southern areas.” 

“While solid information on the quantities of these weapons coursing openly in the nation is occupied, experts have as of late assessed that of the around 500 million weapons that might flow in West Africa in 2010, somewhere in the range of 70 for each penny of these could be found in Nigeria,” she included. 

She cautioned that “as disturbing as these figures appear, it is clear that if left unchecked, this scourge won’t just risk the formative additions accomplished in the course of the most recent 50 years, yet will likewise hinder the country’s ability to accomplish its formative targets and thusly, contrarily affect on the future eras”. 

As per Ige, this has highlighted, like never before the basic need not just to control the stream of arms in the non-state segment, additionally the state possessed performing artists through the compelling administration of the ordnance and weapon stockpiles. 

“It is broadly recognized that one the central point adding to the illegal multiplication of arms is the insufficient stockpile administration,” she noted. 

The UNREC supervisor focused on that unsecured stocks and inadequately oversaw stockpiles are a noteworthy contributing component to the trafficking and redirection of arms into the unlawful business sector and their ensuing stream to the terrorists and other criminal gatherings like Boko Haram and Niger Delta activists. 

She said that part of the exercises modified under the PSSM in the Sahel venture with regards to the UN and European Union (EU) is to bolster security and soundness in the district. 

Ige clarified that the venture, which is financed by the EU has been produced mutually by the Assembled Countries Office of Demobilization Undertakings (UNODA) for the advantage of the six Sahel nations of Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Nigeria. 

“This anticipate means to bolster states in the locale to counteract preoccupation and trafficking of SALW and their ammo, by enhancing the PSSM of national stockpiles,” she expressed. 

Additionally, the Administrator of PRESCOM, Amb. Emmanuel Imohe, said that the Nigeria’s Guns law is outdated and insufficient despite the 21st century security challenges. 

Imohe said that PRESCOM needs to produce another archive as a team with significant offices for more than six months to turn out with a nullification of the guns charge that is yet to be gone to at the National Gathering. 

“The 1959 Guns Act is outdated and utilizing the 1959 law to handle the 21st century security difficulties is insufficient,” he said. 

In the same vein, the Occupant Facilitator of the UN Frameworks in Nigeria, Ms. Jean Gough, said “the elaboration of laws and techniques which are adjusted to the present reality, intending to give the important structure to better keep the event of consequent burglary, misfortune, redirection and blasts in national weapons and ammo stockpiling has turned into a vital prerequisite. 

“Through the procurement of specialized help and the essential assets to this impact, specialized and money related accomplices have resolved to bolster the recipient part conditions of this anticipate in this attempt.” 

Gough however noticed that the real difficulties in the battle against the unlawful and oppressive utilization of SALW remains the issue of the illegal exchange of such weapons to non-state on-screen characters, including among others, furnished gatherings, terrorists and lawbreakers.


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