Nigerian Obinna Nwajagu Confronts Demise by Terminating Squad In Indonesia

Obinna Nwajagu is one of various convicts sedates that are holding up executions volume III. 

Nwajagu found attempting to purchase 45 pills of heroin weighing 400 grams from a national of Thailand at Ibis Jakarta in 2002. 

In this manner, he then remunerated a capital punishment at the Tangerang Region Court. 

in Walk 2003, Nwajagu put at the Remedial Establishment Nusakambangan, while anticipating the execution time. 

In any case, as opposed to a hindrance, Nwajagu even had ready to get it done medications from behind the bars of his jail. 

Nwajagu alongside six different detainees captured last LP recovering the National Opiates Organization in 2012. 

Nwajagu Each exertion has been made to stay away from the execution, including the acquittal that exclusive finished rejected by President Jokowi . 

Usage of the executions of sentenced medication volume III is reputed to fall this week. 

this is bolstered by the presence of movement started to be seen increment in access to the Remedial Organization recovering. 

Government Indonesia has moved some passing column detainees to Nusakambangan Prison. 

Inside the most recent two days alone, there have been a few convicts were crowded into the greatest security jail.


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