Malawian president calls for African solidarity

Malawian President Arthur Mutharika called for African nations to join together, saying borders ought not separate them. 

Talking at the opening of the Pan African Parliament  (PAP’s) fourth customary session in Johannesburg, he stated: “Without solidarity there is no future for Africa.” 

The Malawian pioneer additionally said the African mainland required peace and security, in order to create. 

There are a scope of contentions and fear mongering related brutality in some African states, including South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and the Central African Republic, among others.

Mutharika also advised African countries to invest in educating female children, so as to support women’s empowerment.
He told legislators at the Pan African Parliament to address youth empowerment, warning if it remained unchecked it could lead to civil strife.
Members of the parliament will meet for the next two weeks. Peace and security, agriculture, the environment and integration will be some of the issues discussed.  
Established in 2004, the PAP is a legislative organ of the African Union, aimed at ensuring full participation of the peoples of Africa and their grassroots organizations in governance and economic integration.
It also aims to promote the principles of human rights and democracy in Africa and boost peace, security and stability across the continent.
Each AU member state contributes five members of parliament to the continental body, which holds two plenary sessions in May and October and two sittings of its Permanent Committees in March and August every year.


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