Love Poems Collection (part 8)


Do not beam at me
with that burning gaze in your eyes,
I might melt.
I might dissolve into oblivion.
Do not whisper to me on a summer night.
I might hear a lullaby.
I might fall to restless pieces.
Do not fondle me by the ears,
I might tremble.
I might develop an ache.
But deep in your heart
where the blue moon hides, and the stars tenant,
and the waterfalls give away secrets,
let me stretch,
let me dwell,
and bedeck myself with desire.
When the deep of the night creeps
upon your naked eyes,
and a waft of fresh breeze fondles your straying hair,
when your laughter titters all around
and your lips chant no man but mine,
when the song upon your lips
bid every wind be still,
when I have your hands in mine,
and loose gown from your shoulder fall off,
when you slid into my arms and all sweetly kiss me,
when no one is around but you and me,
……you leave me breathless.
Through tears, through smiles, I have lived these years.
I have kept these tears,
that you may be in my dreams forever.
For the trespasses of your eyes,
for the intrusions of your gaze,
for the secrets that your eyes divulge,
I have lived these years.
I have kept these tears,
I have etched your face upon my iris,
that you may be in my dream forever.
As safe as mountain-side is to Autumn’s breath,
as secured as snow is to cold, as sheltered as summer is to sun,
as protective as clouds thrive in storm,
as guarded as lightening is to thunder,
as well looked after as lonely rivers are to the sea, as safe from harm as roses are to thorns,
as cordial as stars are to skies,
as pleasant as moon is to gazes,
as amiable as evening wind is to whispers,
as affarble as nightingale is to shadows,
as charming as bangles are to wrists,
as enchanting as veils are to a maiden’s face,
as enthralling as tits are to silken drapes,
as captivating as pining is to naked eyes,
as seething as passion is to reddened lips,
as raging as trembling is to touches,
as smouldering as moaning is to thrashing limbs;
……… thou given to me



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