Love Poems Collection (part 7)


When autumn’s breathe hums a tune in the dark,
When the cologne of trampled flowers
says a thousand things,
when the oaks spread out their hands and stroke the stars,
when the voice of the nightingale
charms the forest with her tale,
when the cold dusk has claimed the earth with her tongue,
when the midnight moon bewails every footfall,
…….in whose arms would you be?
I want you to call for me,
When the night is cold and quiet,
When the deep blue darkness leaves it’s kisses
upon the hill’s balding head
I want you to feel me,
When elation is in the air,
When a waft of caressing evening breeze
Sings a chorus at the swaying window-blinds.
In your arms, so fragrant of ‘Davidoff’
I want my desire carved.
I want my love carved unseen.
You are full of reason,
The pearl in your eyes,
The mischief on your lips,
The melody in your voice,
The fragrance on your hands,
The anklets on your feet,
The shinning pathway in-between your breasts,
……all reasons for my musings.
Lay a hand on me there
where ardor burns,
and desire is slow to clear.
Lay a hand on me there
where the heart is full of intrusions,
and the flames of love
have always been burning.
Lay a hand on me there
where silent moans emerge,
and the surge of body- heat weaves a magic.
Lay a hand on me there.
Touch me there, ……. down below



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