Love Poems Collection (part 6)


The time of year of colors is here again.
The people in which the meadows whisper,
And trees heaves a sigh,
And the moon comes out of her hiding place.
The term of the trespassing of the eyes is here again.
Season of intrusions, and caresses, and of moans and scented nights.
The period of spell and muted desire,
Of roving hands and kisses lost in the downpour of discovery.
The age in which lullaby steals upon the deep blue darkness.
That era is here again.
The time in which the air is tender and soft,
And the hearts bud like flower the moment
I only get to be alone with you:
….. a time to make love to you.
There where spring sits and drones
A song under dense trees,
There where the yellow moon rises and the
Naked stars divulge secretes,
There where colors fuse
and fragrance blend,
there where desire glows like fire-fly
and hearts bloom like a summer night,
there where silent moaning
sit upon concealed lips;
…… I will be waiting for you.
In every squall of the wind
In every breath upon petals of flowers,
I perceived the reek of your bouquet.
In the drumming of waterfalls,
In the vibrations of my dreams,
I hear the sound of your voice.
In the opening eyelid of the morning,
In the moon’s pale light,
It is you that I see,
…….hiding in my heart since long ago.
Why is my heart whispering once again?
Why is there melody in my ears?
Why are my gawks full of intrusions,
And my lashes filled with mischief?
Why are my eyes
Seeing stars in light of day?
Why is her face immersed in my eyes,
And lofty tots seek me
That sometime did flee?
Why is her memory blooming like camellias in my heart?
Why are my lips chanting her name?



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