List of animals that transmit corona to humans!

In a report published in The Lancet, researchers from the University of London called for extensive monitoring of pets, livestock and those that live in wildlife in general, to try to understand the mechanism of transmission from animal to human.

They wrote in a study, which was quoted in the Washington Post newspaper, that the infection of the new coronavirus was small and limited in animals, but they stressed the necessity of researching more widely to miss any “opportunity” to spread the disease among animals and the threat it poses to humans. “We need to develop surveillance strategies to ensure that we are not surprised by the widespread outbreak of the virus in animals, which can pose a threat not only to animal health but to human health as well,” the report said.
Co-author Joan Santini, a professor of structural and molecular biology, said the steps taken in the Netherlands, which include observing cats on farms as well as wild mink, and the family near him called Martens, are among the broadest efforts to understand how An animal virus that originated in animals can then spread to humans, after which the infection will spread to animals again.

In the past six months since the outbreak began, cases of human-to-human transmission to dogs, cats, tigers, lions, and minks have been reported.

Laboratory experiments have found that mongoose, hamsters, monkeys and other mammals are also susceptible to the virus.
Scientists and public health officials emphasize that humans are the main driver of coronavirus spread and that the chance of infection with infected animals appears accurate.
But researchers say the increasing number of cases in animals is a reason to conduct a more comprehensive study of how the virus transmits between species.
On some Dutch farms, minks were infected with the Covid-19 virus for the first time in mid-April, with symptoms ranging from runny nose to severe shortness of breath.
The government later said that they had found that it was the person who transmitted the infection to the bank. But Mink, according to Dutch government officials, “quickly” transferred it again to humans.
The responsible health authority in the Netherlands announced the transmission of the new coronavirus from mink to two people in the first report of its kind, confirming the possibility of transmission between animals and humans.The Netherlands has since executed more than 500,000 minks.
The goal of this mission, which is set to continue until farms are free of viruses, is to eliminate the possibility that animals can become a reservoir of the virus that causes Covid-19 infection.


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