Israeli officials keep mute on ISIS’ apology

Israeli authorities have stayed silent on Ya’alon’s comments about ISIS communicating its statement of regret. 

Israeli authorities have stayed mute that Israel’s former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon unveiled that ISIS authoritatively apologized to Israel for propelling a rocket on the possessed Gollan Statures. 

Israeli Defense Forces abstain Anadolu Turkish news agency to clarify or reply in such manner. 

Moreover, none of the ministers and authorities did not remark on Ya’alon’s divulgence in Afula. 

“By and large, we were assaulted from the locales ruled by the Syrian administration. Be that as it may, once, we were assaulted from Daesh’s bases and it promptly communicated something specific of conciliatory sentiment,” Mr Ya’alon said. 

As indicated by Tikkun Olam, Ya’alon did not expand on the time and kind of assault. 

Israeli Defense Forces didn’t formally uncovered ISIS assault on the involved Golan Statures. 

It is said that Golan has been confronted various rocket assaults over the past few years

IDF stipulations demonstrates that the vast majority of these assaults are an aftereffect of conflicts with Syrian troops.


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