Iraqis Petition God For Hillary Defeat After Obama Abandons “ISIS Mess”

Only one week in the wake of approaching Putin for help crushing ISIS, Kurdish powers have started freeing jihadi held Christian towns in Iraq – and the liberated local people are currently taking a stand in opposition to Obama and Clinton. 

The town of Qaraqosh, home to more than 50,000 Christians, had been under ISIS control throughout the previous two years. In any case, no more – Kurdish strengths supported by Russia have tidied up “Obama’s chaos” and recovered the town from the jihadis. 

Occupants who remained in the town have depicted how ISIS requested each Christian national to pay an enormous expense, change over to Islam or face execution. 

The individuals who survived the fear have now voiced their shock that President Obama declined to secure them when Iraq’s biggest Christian city tumbled to ISIS over two years back. A man in the town said he trusts Donald Trump – a generally supported applicant in the town – will convey an alternate way to deal with the scourge of Islamic jihad. 

Subsequent to going to the principal Christian administration held in the town for a long time, he told the camera: “Obama has never helped the Christians. Actually, he scorns them. In the most recent 26 months, he has demonstrated he scorns every one of them. In any case, we have trust in the new president, Trump.” 

A Catholic cleric in the town said: “The US government drove by President Obama could have secured us – or possibly helped us to ensure ourselves. In any case, tragically Obama deserted us, and picked not to get included.” 

A young lady wearing a cross then included: “We trust this new person called Trump will help us more than Obama.” 

The quick advance made by Kurdish strengths in driving the jihadis out of previous fortifications comes one week after Kurdish remote priest Falah Mustafa Bakir went by Moscow to advance for Russian compassionate and military help with their battle with ISIS. 

Dough puncher told Russia’s Izvestia Every day: Yes, we requested this sort of support from Russia, in light of the fact that as things stand now, the issue of counter-fear based oppression is essential. The battle is for the Islamic State fortification in northern Iraq [Mosul]. In such manner, we trust that the universal group, or more every one of our partners, one of which is Russia, ought to give us far reaching support.”


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