Iraqi government receives a fresh batch of Russian MI-28NE attack helicopters

Iraq has gotten a crisp cluster of Russian MI-28NE assault helicopters, which, as per the Iraqi Defense Ministry, have assumed a critical part in the battle against the ISIL fanatic group

In a Monday proclamation, service representative Nasir Nouri said Baghdad had gotten two of the Russian assault helicopters Sunday. 

“What’s more, two more are relied upon to arrive presently,” he said. 

Russia’s MI-28NE military helicopter is particularly intended to assault and wreck reinforced vehicles and low-speed elevated targets. 

The Iraqi military has as of late utilized MI-28NEs against ISIL, which in 2014 overran boundless swathes of domain in northern and western Iraq. 

“The helicopters have demonstrated exceptionally fruitful against ISIL targets,” Iraqi administrator Iskandar Witwit said. 

Maged al-Gharawi, another Iraqi MP, said the new flying machine would serve to help the Iraqi aviation based armed forces’ proficiency. 

“These helicopter gunships will assume a vital part in the progressing battle against ISIL,” he said. 

A year ago, the Iraqi government consented to a buy arrangement with Russia for 43 assault helicopters, of which Baghdad has effectively gotten 17 MI-28NEs and 16 MI-35M-class gunships.


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