Horrible!! ISIS executes 47 inmates with different nationalities in Kirkuk’s Hawija

ISIS forces murder another group of 47 detainees in Kirkuk by techniques that are depicted uncaring yet are not clarified yet. 

Nearby sources in Iraq report that ISIS forces executed 47 detainees in Hawija. The number incorporates 12 of their own individuals executed for different reasons. The fundamental explanation behind murdering their confidants was transient the wars. 

The execution is accounted for to have been shot, yet nothing has been distributed yet. There is no data about the technique for execution either. 

Hawija is a city in Kirkuk region in northern Iraq. The city has been controlled by ISIS forces since 2014. The execution was requested by the leader of Hawija at al-Bakara airbase. 

Since its era, ISIS has carried out intermittent war and human wrongdoings like mass slaughtering regular citizens, executing the detainees without trial, and utilizing harsh execution techniques like terminating or decapitating. 

Transitory the regions under the control of ISIS, battling ineffectively against Iraqi powers, and disregarding extraordinary religious codes are among a portion of the reasons that the group utilizes for executing the detainees. Presenting themselves as the first entertainers of Islam, they are dismissed by all Muslim nations around the globe. This is while some Bedouin nations alongside their western supporters had the principle parts in establishment of the group.


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