High-rise building in UAE engulfs in a Massive blaze (VIDEO)

A huge blaze has turned a 48-storey apartment building in UAE into a giant column of fire, providing for some apocalyptic videos on social media.
The fire broke out at the Abbco Tower in Sharjah, UAE’s third largest emirate bordering Dubai, late on Tuesday. 

A huge blaze has turned the Abbco Tower in the city of into a giant column of fire

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The building was evacuated, with the authorities not reporting any casualties so far. However, witnesses say they’ve seen ambulances rushing from the site of the disaster.
The videos posted on social media show the whole building being engulfed in flames, with fiery debris falling down on the pavement from huge heights.
Many cars parked around the high-rise were damaged. The residents of at least five nearby apartment blocks were asked to urgently leave their homes as the firefighters tried to cope with the blaze.
The blaze must have started on the tenth floor, the residents told Gulf News. One of them recalled that “it was a small fire to begin with and we came out of the building as soon as we saw it,” but the flames spread quickly across the apartment block.


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