GrandMa’s Chicken missing

My dad was a renowned journalist and columnist in one of the
most popular national dailies in the country. As a young adolescent adult, I
was always exited to see my dad’s work on the national newspaper. This gives me
so much joy always and I took every opportunity to showcase my dad’s write up
to my friends around me. My dad’s job made him travel a lot around the country,
probably for interviews with major VIP within the political scene as of then.
Due to my dad regular absence he decided to move us all to the city of Lagos
from delta state.

We landed in Lagos city, before then my dad had already rented
a room and parlor apartment in one of the busiest area in lagos (Okokomaiko). The
compound was the usual Yoruba style of compound. The landlord was living upstairs
with his entire family and extended family included. The compound was littered
with all sorts of domestic animals.

Offcourse as a sharp young adolescence guy, I quickly made
friends with the children in the compound, especially with the landlord children.
Among the landlord children, his first son “Lanre” looked very odd, and
stubborn, and he became my very best friend.

As the days goes by, me and lanre became more acquainted.
Lanre thought me a lot of things(both the good and bad). Lanre was his parents
favorite son, and his parents could defend him anytime he falls into trouble.
Me, on the other hand, had parents who would first of all scold and spank me in
public anytime I fall into trouble.

On this faithful day (during one of the long holidays) after
playing our usual soccer game(monkey post), while resting on the floor of the
compound. Lanre suggested that we make a quick chicken pepper soup. “How, I
ask.” It never crossed my mind what Lanre was about to suggest. He suggested
that we steal from one of the chickens roaming around the compound. From all
indications, this chickens all belongs to his grandmother who reside with them.
I was kind of terrified knowing very well that I have never done this act
before. And again I wanted to be seen as a young bold and smart warri guy

How, where, when do we begin this James bond action of
preparing chicken pepper soup without his grandmother knowing some of her
chicken is missing. This GrandMa have a unique skills of counting all her
chickens at night, and anyone that is missing or fall short of the number the
previous night, she quickly raises an alarm and no one will sleep that night in
the compound. She will rain all sorts of Yoruba ancient course on any one who
stole or eat her chicken.
Chai, guy man don enter one chance.

To be continued,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Written by:  Melodyheart :  ©All Right Researved. 


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