GrandMa’s Chicken missing– ( 2)

After much deliberation, we decided to take our first
action.  Lanre had already perfected his
plans, my only involvement was to observe the environment. We could not use
Lanre family home because of his grandmom, so I provided the physical materials
needed (please don’t ask me how we got pepper soup ingredient). So that afternoon,
as usual, most chickens in the compound must have all gone out in search for
food, except for the female hen that is hatching on her eggs.

Lanre, took a large big basin (the one his mom used for
washing clothes), used it to cover one of the hen laying on its eggs. Off
course this caused out a loud noise from the hen, which almost attracted
Lanre’s grandmother attention. And immediately, he stretched out his hands
underneath the basin and instantly twisted the exhibit’s head. In a matter of
seconds, the hen was silent and we immediately carried it to the public kitchen
where a hot boiling hot water was already waiting for this phase of judgment.

The expression that filled our faces was like the usual
excitement during the Christmas season when our parents purchase food items,
especially the chicken that will be prepared for that special rice on Christmas
day. But on this special day, the excitement we had was the fact that Lanre and
I will enjoy a full chicken all at once. At this time, no adult was home except
for the other children(because of the holiday) and also Lanre’s grandma (being
an aged woman).   

After all was done and ready, we proceeded to the backyard of
the compound, there my guy “Lanre” had already hidden some bottles of soft
drinks(which he got from his moms provision store). My brother, to us at that
moment, this was life for us, what do we know then!!! As young as we were back
then, we could not hide this excitement to ourselves alone.

This was the beginning of missing chickens in the crowded
compound. Grandma began to notice shortfall in numbers of her chickens and her
lamentation began to increase day after day. And all of a sudden, our compound
became the destination of choice among our circles of friends.

Suspicion began to arose from our parents, maybe it was our
friends coming to the compound that steals this chicken (for their mind their
pikin na him holy pass)!!!

Did we get caught? , did grandma spell worked on her own
grand child who was the chief mastermind of it all?

O’ Boy, that day was very embarrassing and never will I
forget it in my entire life. Who never get bad life before make him raise up
his hand!!!!!!!

The thief must be caught,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I am still single and searching, I just hope grandma spell is
not at work

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