Google’s parent company Alphabet Valued At $ 1 trillion

Google’s parent company Alphabet has achieved a great height that very few U.S. companies have done: a $ 1 trillion valuation on the U.S. stock market (via the Wall Street Journal). Alphabet oversees all of Google’s related properties, including DeepMind, Verily, Wyze, and more.

The new stock valuation marks a good start for the new year with regard to the big technology stocks, which are considered to be very profitable bets on the market.
Google started to be listed on the stock market in 2004. In 2015, the company restructured under the name Alphabet but did not change its stock price or its stock symbols GOOG and GOOGL. The move from Google to Alphabet was not even approved by a vote of board members. Instead, the restructuring took place primarily at the request of Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

According to Page and Brin, Alphabet would allow Google to be “more responsible”, but it would also help prevent companies at a loss from Google from adversely affecting Google’s stock price.
Meanwhile, tech companies like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are the only other U.S. companies to ever see a trillion-dollar valuation. Apple is by far the leader in this measure, with a current market valuation of $ 1.4 trillion.
Obviously ‘Microsoft’ ranks second with a valuation of $ 1.25 trillion. Although Amazon has reached the trillion-dollar mark, it has never closed at this level and is now “only” valued at $ 930 billion.


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