Fitness Model Uche Mba shows how she transformed from “skinny mini to curvy up” lady

While some women are going under the knife to get the body they so desire, others have found a remedy to have that shape.

Call it exercise, squatting has proving to be the natural way a woman can shape her body to her taste with no side effect.

By visiting the gym regularly under a good instructor, a lady can get that hips she’s been dying for. No surgeries, no drugs – just constant exercise, and that banging body will appear!

Nigerian Instagram model and fitness enthusiast, Uche Mba, has been inspiring her social media fans with photos and videos of how she was able to gradually transformed herself physically and mentally from a skinny lady to her current banging body.


Uche has been sharing her before and after photos with tips and walkout videos on how she got to where she is now – and she seems not done yet.

In one of her captions, she explains her journey.

“..If you been following me from the start then you know my journey and seen how I gradually transformed physically and even mentally. Took myself from skinny mini to bulked up, ” she wrote.

“From my arms to my lower body. I stayed consistent, fell off a few times but never stayed down. Ive been smaller than the left picture but I’m Not ashamed of my transformation.

“If anything it makes me proud to look back at them because y’all don’t know how hard I worked to get my physical being to where it is now. 

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself because during that journey I also discovered my strength mentally and physically, gained more self love, became even more confident, and learned That I’m not one to give up that easy.” 

Uche also said she’s working on launching a fitness website to help others gain their desired body.

Before you check out the result of her hard work, first see some of her workout videos below.

 Then see her photos below.


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