Fake US Embassy office At long last Close Down In Ghana

A fake US government office effectively working for a long time has been found and close down in Ghana, West Africa. 

For about 10 years lawbreakers have been working a fake US government office in Ghana’s capital Accra, flying the American banner and issuing visas. 

The misrepresentation became visible amid “Operation Austere Vanguard” started by the genuine US international safe haven in Ghana. 

It is not clear precisely when that happened, but rather a joint team of both Ghanaian and remote security agents close down the fake International safe haven working some place in the capital, Accra, as indicated by data distributed November 2, 2016 on the site of the US Bureau of State. 

Individuals from a sorted out wrongdoing pack made up of Turkish and Ghanaian residents worked the fake International safe haven in Accra where they flew the American banner on the building each Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 7:30am to 12 twelve and issued deceitfully got, real US visas, fake visas, false distinguishing proof archives (counting bank records, training records, birth endorsements, and others) for a cost of $6,000. 

As per the Division of Express, the suspects hanged a photograph of President Barack Obama on the mass of the room and focused on mostly natives of Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo. 

The trick was found after examinations, which is a little part of a more extensive “Operation Austere Vanguard” activity. 

“Operation Austere Vanguard” was produced by Discretionary Security specialists in the Local Security Office (RSO) at the US International safe haven in Ghana so as to address trafficking and misrepresentation tormenting the Consulate and the district. 

The data demonstrated that over the span of another extortion examination in “Operation Simple Vanguard” a witness tipped off the ARSO-I about the fake US Government office, and in addition a fake Netherlands International safe haven working in Accra. 

“In the wake of accepting the tip, the ARSO-I, who is the go-to person in the RSO look for “Operation Simple Vanguard” examinations, checked the data with accomplices inside the Ghanaian Police Compel. The ARSO-I then made a worldwide team made out of the previously mentioned Ghana Police Compel, and additionally the Ghana Criminologist Department, Ghana SWAT, and authorities from the Canadian Government office to explore facilitate,” it said. 

The examiners additionally recognized the primary engineers of the operation, and two satellite areas (a dress shop and a flat building) utilized for operations. 

It noted further that the trick operation didn’t acknowledge stroll in administrations, yet rather they went to the remote parts of West Africa to discover clients that they conveyed to Accra and put in a close-by lodging. 

Amid the strike, a few suspects were captured and confirmation gathered incorporated a portable workstation phone; 150 international IDs from 10 nations; honest to goodness and fake visas from the US, the Schengen zone, India, and South Africa; and fake personality archives. 

While the data did not recognize any of the suspects by name, it showed that a Ghanaian migration attorney working with degenerate Ghana law requirement officers were a piece of the trick.


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