EU furious over Russian restriction on Christian religious gathering

The European Union denounced a Russian court for its current restricting of exercises by the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious gathering. 

Russia’s Supreme Court prohibited the Christian order’s exercises in the nation, asserting ““extremist” conduct by the group. 

The court’s choice could leave the religious group open to criminal indictment, despite the fact that the Jehovah’s Witnesses have 30 days to appeal. 

In an announcement, the EU said the decision could criminalize the religious group and demanded all religious bodies “must have the capacity to calmly appreciate opportunity of get together without obstruction, as ensured by the Constitution of the Russian Federation as well as by Russia’s international commitments and international human rights standards“. 

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia have depicted the decision as an endeavor to “liquidate” the group. 

“We are extraordinarily baffled by this improvement and profoundly worried about how this will influence our religious action,” as indicated by Yaroslav Sivulskiy, a representative for the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. 

“We will appeal this decision, and we trust that our legitimate rights and assurances as a serene religious gathering will be completely reestablished as quickly as time permits.”


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