Drones Carrying Hard Drugs Blocked By Met Police

Police have seized two automatons conveying an extensive amount of medications and cellular telephones that were being flown towards Pentonville jail in north London 

One automaton was seized in mid-flight, and a second smashed while the London Met police were following its flight over the class B/C prison which houses 1,250 detainees, on 14 August. 

Investigator Boss Controller Steve Heatley, said that the automatons were conveying a generous measure of Class B drugs. 

“These recuperated rambles conveyed a significant measure of Class B drugs, legitimate highs and a huge amount of cellular telephones; we can catch them because of the cautiousness of officers and people in general. The Class B drugs included cannabis, amphetamines and barbiturates,” Mr. Heatly said. 

This is not the first occasion when that an automaton drug drop of this write has occurred, in a different episode, a suspected endeavor to convey rambles into Wandsworth jail, in southwest London, was thwarted a week ago when police captured the conveyance. The police were occupied with a deadly pile up, where both suspects why should believed be flying the automaton were executed. 

Wandsworth jail is a Class B office, for the individuals who don’t require most extreme security, yet who still represent an extensive danger to the general population. 

One of the initially recorded endeavors to convey stash into an English jail occurred last October, when staff at Bedford jail recognized a bundle in the mesh over the border divider. 

Automatons are progressively being utilized, whether to catch footage or utilized as a part of fighting to execute. So the utilization of automatons to convey stash is not shocking. In any case, some are asking how the police will battle this issue. 

A report by HM Inspectorate of Detainment facilities distributed a year ago recognized carrying “unapproved things, including cellular phones and unlawful medications,” as a genuine test confronting jail staff.


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