Daimler and Volkswagen to sack 15,000 workers

German automobile magazine Fuchshe quotes unidentified sources that German automaker Daimler plans to sack off 10,000 additional jobs until 2025.

According to the magazine, the company plans to transfer cars IT services jobs to an offshore outsourcing company and reduce the number of employees in the research and development sector. 
Daimler announced last November that it intends to write off thousands of jobs in its branches in the world by the end of 2022, and the company that produces luxury Mercedes cars plans to provide one billion euros of labor expenses by the end of 2022, by writing off jobs in management and activities not directly related to production.

Meanwhile, Automobile magazine Fuchche reported that Germany’s Volkswagen Group, the largest car maker in Europe, will move the production of part of its commercial vehicles from Germany to Poland, and plans to write off about 5,000 jobs at its main production center in Germany.

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