Covid-19: less than a thousand deaths in America, two injuries in China, and a rise in Brazil

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On Sunday, the United States reported 960 additional deaths from the new corona virus within twenty-four hours, according to a statistic for the Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University. This brings the total number of deaths in the country as a result of the virus to 103,758, while China recorded only two cases with Covid-19.
This comes as Brazil recorded a record number of new deaths and injuries in Corona, ranking fourth globally in the number of deaths, and second only to the United States in the number of injuries.
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The United States has officially recorded 1,769,776 HIV infections, which is much more than any other country, according to the university’s statistic.
On Saturday, the European Union called on Washington to reconsider its decision to cut its relationship with the World Health Organization, which US President Donald Trump accuses of accompanying China in the Covid 19 crisis.

From America

And Friday, Trump, who suspended his country’s financial contribution to the World Health Organization, carried out his threat to cut ties with the UN. The United States is the first contributor to the organization.
But Trump assured reporters that “we will redirect these funds to other urgent public health needs in the world.”
from China
from China
In China, health authorities’ data showed, on Sunday, two cases of Corona virus infection were recorded at the end of Saturday, compared to 4 cases the previous day.
The National Health Commission stated on its website that the two cases came from abroad.
The commission’s data showed that the total number of HIV infections in China was 83,001, while the number of deaths remained constant at 4,634.
In Brazil, the Brazilian Ministry of Health said that it set a record number of 33,274 new cases of Corona virus, on Saturday, taking the total number to 498,440 cases while the number of deaths exceeded that of France, to come fourth in the world behind the United States, Britain and Italy.
The ministry stated that the number of deaths from Covid-19 disease due to infection with the virus rose to 28,834 after recording 956 new deaths within 24 hours.
Brazil is currently the second largest number of people infected with HIV in the world after the United States.
This comes, while Mexico recorded 2,858 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday and 364 deaths, bringing the total number of infections to 87,512 while deaths reached 9,779, according to information published by health authorities.
Source:, agencies

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