Couple forced to wed in hospital after groom had accident 2 days before wedding(Photos)

Bride Steph Murphy’s £36,000 dream wedding took a nightmarish twist, just two days before the ceremony. 

With a Croatian palace booked for the nuptials ,Steph and hubby-to-be James Goss has been planning their wedding for 18 months.

Everything was in place, but disaster struck on a pre-wedding cruise when James slipped and snapped his leg at an extreme angle.

He was confined to hospital for five days. There was no way the wedding could go ahead. 

But while James still blames himself for what he feels was letting his bride down, Steph wiped away the tears and told doctors she wanted the ­ceremony to go ahead – in hospital.

Doctors agreed and removed pews from the hospital’s tiny chapel so that James’s bed could be wheeled inside.

The groom – who only a year ago had beaten serious illness – even went without painkillers so that he would not be too groggy.

And the couple’s wedding night was spent on a hospital ward.

Steph, 30, says:

“The staff pushed my bed next to James so we could be together.

“But then they woke us up at 5am to take blood from him, so that kind of ruined the moment!

“Getting married in the hospital was making the best of what seemed like a disastrous situation.

“But it made me realise what mattered was not the venue or the cost – it was just us being together and showing how much we cared for each other.In fact, our wedding day was just perfect, because we stripped away all the glamour and the trimmings and it was all about our love.”

Culled from Daily Mirror


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