Catholic Cleric In Canada Takes and Bets Away Migrant Funds

A Catholic minister has been accused of robbery and betting without end more than 500,000 Canadian dollars in gifts expected for the resettlement of Christian exiles touching base in Canada from Syria and Iraq. 

As indicated by neighborhood police, Amer Saka, a 51-year-old priest of the Iraq-based Chaldean Catholic church, had purportedly gathered the assets from more than 20 givers under the affection of giving backing to the outcasts. 

Press television reports: 

“This examination crossed all through the territory of Ontario, the Assembled States and different nations where exiles were endeavoring to come to Canada,” police in London, Ontario, said in an announcement. 

This is while the leader of Canada’s Chaldean Catholic church Religious administrator Emanuel Shaleta told the nearby London Free Squeeze that Saka had reached him to admit he had to be sure bet and lost the majority of the gathered assets. 

As indicated by the report, the Catholic minister had been included in a sponsorship program for outcasts for various years. He was supposedly sacked by the see of Hamilton, Ontario, after nearby police propelled a test into the case back in February. 

In the mean time, Saka was taken into authority on Wednesday and allowed safeguard in the wake of being formally accused of extortion and a related ownership charge. Furthermore, the day by day reported, a court requested Saka not to enter any gambling club. 

Church authorities initially answered to police after Father Amer Saka told his minister at St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic church in February that the assets planned for Syrian outcasts has vanished. 

“We trust that Father Saka has a genuine betting issue and that these assets may have been utilized for that reason,” Shaleta said at the time as cited by the UK-based Gatekeeper day by day. 

Be that as it may, no charges were brought against Saka until the affirmed burglary was researched by police. 

The Chaldean Catholic church speaks to Catholics from various Center Eastern states and is supervised by the Vatican.


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